Arshad Khan, director, writer, and producer of documentary “Abu”

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Arshad Khan is a Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker, whose recent autobiographical documentary ABU (Father) screened at the London Film Festival. He is also known for his short films Doggoned and Threadbare. His work examines the Pakistani immigrant experience in Canada, and around the world. Interview by Sneh Rupra When did you decide that you wanted to pursue […]


Roles in the Production department

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The production department is the center of communication and planning for any film. Without a production department every single film, no matter how small, wouldn’t have been possible. The production department enviably makes everything happen. It is crucial to have a understanding of each role  in order to create smooth production. Although, depending on the […]

Camera Department

Sam Weston, Producer at Mutiny Media

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Lift-Off caught up with Sam Weston and Mutiny Media, to discuss 360/VR production and his advice to the next generation film makers. Mutiny Media is a revolutionary production company born out of a desire to make beautiful engaging VR & digital content for all. They are a production company providing crew, equipment and post production […]