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Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival

Australia has, for many years, cultivated some of the best independent work the market has ever seen. From filmmakers to actors, Australia has exported some of the best talent, and arguably some of the most imaginative work for generations. The Lift-Off Film Festival Network see moving a festival to Melbourne as the perfect bridge between entry level work and full professional status.

A great way to inspire 'next generation work' - an instantly romantic and exciting destination for people from all around the world to screen their projects. Melbourne is one of the most culturally diverse and happening cities on the globe, and Lift-Off is proud to now have Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival there to catch the cream of Australian talent and to showcase the best the globe has to offer in one of the best cities in the world.

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Filmmakers and script writers may submit to the Lift-Off Global Film Festivals via either one of our two submission partners. Both have varying levels of fees they charge us and fees they charge you. This reflects on the respective costs per submission. Each festival is at different stages of deadlines, with the event dates spread throughout the year, please take your pick...

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Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival has deadlines spread throughout the year, month by month.

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