Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Showcase - Network Round Shorts

Friday 3rd November - Friday 10th November


Dir. Julie Lindhardt
Logline: The film portrays a divorce experienced through the eyes of the child. In the film we follow the young girl Vigga and in her fight to save her beloved dog Sis, in the middle of her parents' ugly divorce. The short film is based on a single hour, while they are moving from Vigga's childhood home. In the middle of the move, Vigga learns that Sis cannot live with Mom or Dad, but will instead go to a "nice place on the countryside". This is catalyst of Vigga's desperate fight to save Sis. In the midst of her struggle, her parents must meet for the first time in months.


Winner Fights The Moon
Dir. Lucas Jones
Logline:Arris (25) has recently been released from prison after serving a five year sentence. Having never met his daughter Riley outside of a prison visitation room, Arris is desperate to make up for lost time. In an effort to reconnect with his daughter and ex-girlfriend Lauren, Arris promises a long overdue family day at the beach. But the young family soon discover that the past doesn't always stay in the past.


An Interview with The Times
Dir. Marc Cunningham
Logline: When a controversial author finally agrees to do his first interview, he quickly finds himself embroiled in an ideological debate over the merit and accountability of his now-infamous debut novel.


Red Balloon
Dir. Jiaxun Gao
Logline: Julie, a mid-aged housewife goes to an abortion center because of her husband’s demand, and after an internal struggle and an encounter with a young girl, she makes an unexpected decision by the end of the day.


Memento Mori
Dir. Arianna Garcia
Logline: An unborn soul gets to preview her life in the form of a film screening and must make the ultimate decision: to go or not to go?


Hybrid Brad
Dir. Edward Borlenghi
Logline: An earthly and unearthly tale about an Alien named Rex who creates a hybrid son using a Human donor egg, and by the time he's a teenager the son, Brad, wants to live on Earth.


Dir. Lady Monster
Logline:  In 1994, Lady Monster and Julia Brubaker collaborated to make a black and white Super 8 film and poem. Recently digitized, it is available for screenings, viewing. Julia and I set out to make the film about the poem. The poem was also lost for many years. Filmed in a white pine forest outside of Granville, Ohio.


Dir. Chakir Bouhatta
Logline: All that Holger ever wanted in his life, is to be prime ministre of North-Rhine Westphalia, but his oppenent has more power and is one step away from changing Germany´s history again,


Dir. Crystal C Rose
Logline: When Marissa’s work-from-home day is interrupted by unexpected visitors, secrets unravel to reveal her true motives.


Dir. Sam Pacala
Logline: A depressed, young man on the verge of losing his relationship finds help from one of the most unlikely of sources: the girls who run the neighborhood lemonade stand.

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