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In Conversation with Carla Molino, Owner of Il Kino in Berlin

Image: Carla Molino in her cinema, Il Kino, Berlin

Having had our Berlin Lift Off Film Festival hosted at Il Kino for the past three years, we wanted our network to meet Carla, owner of Il Kino.


Are you and have you always been a movie lover?

Yes, going to the cinema (alone) has been my “hobby” for 30 years. When I was in Rome I used to see 4/5 Films per week.  What films/events led to your interest in the area?


What is your history with Il Kino?

In 2010 I contributed with other 50 people to open a small cinema and bistrot in Rome. But in the same year I moved to Berlin and 2 years after I had by accident the chance to find a place to build the cinema of my dreams, small and cosy, comfortable, with excellent sound and with the possibility for people to have good coffee or wine and eat some Italian specialities before or after watching a movie.


How do you find the business of cinema? What are its obstacles and pitfalls?

It is very hard nowadays to bring people to the cinema. Especially in a city like Berlin which offers so much in terms of entertainment.


What motivates you and keeps your cinema going?

The passion and the believe good film need to be watched in a cinema


Would you say the life of a cinema owner is an active or a laidback one?

Very active!


How do you stay up-to-date on the film world and decide what films and/or events you want to screen and host in Il Kino?

Going to film festivals, film screeners for cinema owners, being in touch with distributors, etc.


Any advice for people who want to set up their own independent cinema?

Make a quality program, choose films you want to share and speak about them with your costumers. Share your passion for films, that’s what it’s about.