Interview with Network Member Santana Doran

Lift-Off catch up with Network Member Santana Doran, whose film, TOFU SCRAMBLE, screened at Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 2019.

"A bit about me: I am a queer writer and director based in Toronto. I have a background in Social Service Work and a keen interest in film and I'm hoping to merge the two to create work that speaks to people, that raises awareness on prevalent injustices and issues within our society today and that accurately represents the LGBTQIA+ community.

The screening last night was very welcoming and comfortable which I find it rare in the industry! It was lovely coming into a space where people are genuinely interested in the films and the filmmakers and want to get connected and be involved. That's the main reason why I love Indie Film so much.

I joined the Lift Off Network to become more involved in the industry and to feel more connected. I don't have many friends in the industry and I find it difficult to meet people that share similar interests and ideas so I joined in hopes to find that community and be able to network with other filmmakers - as well as be up to date with what's going on in the industry, have access to courses, jobs and festivals!"

"I'm not exactly sure what my future as a filmmaker holds, but for right now I am writing short narrative scripts to flush out my creativity. At some point I'm hoping to get into documentary filmmaking and be able to travel the world to tell/share stories and capture every ounce of this beautiful planet through my camera lens."