Actors Showcase: Presented by Lift-Off Global Network

Are you a talented actor interested in meeting prolific indie filmmakers?

The Actors Showcase, held at the prestigious Pinewood Studios, exists to bring together the best actors with upcoming and award-winning independent film directors. Screening both showreels (or clips) and short films, actors and directors will have the rare chance to simultaneously see eachothers' work, and forge creative connections vital to future content creation in a saturated marketplace.

Actors need directors. Directors need actors. In an ideal situation, both will find a long-lasting, creative connection. Inspired by eachothers' work for long and successful careers.

Just look at the renowned partnership of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp... Nearly 20 years of making (9) films together, both have praised their relationship and friendship on countless occasions.

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“Our relationship is built on trust. It’s the most important thing in a relationship between an actor and a director. What I share with Tim and what inspires me when I watch him work is his level of enthusiasm, his passion. For me, what contributes to the identity of a Tim Burton film is Tim Burton himself. Whatever the cast, Tim’s signature is everywhere.” (Johnny Depp)

And there's many more examples! Paul Feig fell in love with Melissa McCarthy's talent filming Bridesmaids and they have been a winning team ever since, working together on films like The Heat, Spy, and Ghostbusters.

"The great thing about finding somebody like her, who you're in sync with, is you have the same way of thinking about things."

Then there's Christopher Nolan casting Cillian Murphy in five of his last seven films.

"The thing about re-collaboration is that it is about going straight to the work and having a shorthand and a level of trust - and that is what I have with Chris and I hope he has with me. We know instinctively where to go with each other, and we found it very quickly, and it’s always a privilege to work with him.”

Over a period spanning more than 40 years, Martin Scorsese has frequently collaborated with Robert De Niro, on no less than ten films - with their eleventh (The Irishman) in the pipeline for 2019!

In fact, long lasting creative collaborations have pretty much existed since the beginning of film. Just think back to the success Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford...
What is the package?
  1. Access to one or more of the featured workshops (listed below), ideally picking the one you feel would add the most value to your current position and challenges.
  2. Attend the day where your selected workshop is followed by the screening of your showreel to our attending filmmakers.
  3. Along with an exclusive screening of the filmmakers and producers content who will be attending.
  4. An open feedback and Q&A session are immediately after the screenings, where both the film directors, producers, and actors (that's you) get to talk, represent and answer questions on their work and journey to date.
  5. A networking mixer will then finish off the first day so everyone can swap details and discuss their future plans.
  6. An exclusive acting career specific one to one career guidance and castability session with the Lift-Off Founders - arranged at a time that suits you.
  7. The second event is a complimentary invite to you (+1) to the next Lift-Off Film Festival. We have festivals all over the world to choose from: London, Manchester, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin or Tokyo - all of these at various times spread throughout the year. Just give us your option on the form below and you will be invited to come along with a friend to enjoy an always exceptional night of indie film screenings and professional networking in a relaxed environment.
  8. The third event is a big deal. You will get two tickets (worth £300) to the 2019 Lift-Off Season Awards, held in the beautiful ballroom here at Pinewood Studios. it's your chance to meet shortlisted, longlisted and Acadamy award-winning film directors. Rub shoulders with the true modern pioneers of dramatic new media content and cinema.
  9. A free one-year subscription to full Professional Membership on the Lift-Off Network (worth £100).
  10. A special 25% Lift-Off Actor Acadamy Courses and Webinar Packages.

There are currently only two dates available on the courses for 2019. Spaces are extremely limited.

The fee for the entire programme is only £150.