New York Lift-Off Film Festival

One of the most exciting features in the Lift-Off calendar, the New York Lift-Off Film Festival plays at the exciting Stuart Cinema and Cafe in the heart of Brooklyn.

Screening days are packed with films of multiple lengths, genres, nationalities, and style, New York Lift-Off is an honest, fair and true celebration of American and International Indie Film – a pure homage to the excellence of today’s grassroots filmmaker. Winners of New York Lift-Off have the potential to receive automatic official selections proceeding Lift-Off Film Festivals, spread throughout the year and all over the world.

Through a packed out week of inspirational stimulus, professional showcasing and high-end networking – films are scored by the audience and the selection panel. Selected features have the opportunity to be considered by Lift-Off's distribution arm and linked with our sales contacts. Los Angeles Lift-Off offers opportunity on-top of opportunity, forming a vital part of the Lift-Off Global Network.

Not only is our festival a global showcase for filmmakers looking to take that next step, we provide a free service where we take your work to the major film markets AFM, Cannes, EFM etc... All with the aim of getting your work acquired by distributors.

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