London Lift-Off Film Festival

London Lift-Off Film Festival started back in 2010 with its first ever call for entries. In London's first year the festival received over 750 films from around the world and were instantly humbled by the quality and ambition of the work sent in. From a small cinema in North West London, to the prestigious and beautiful screening rooms of Soho and West London -- London Lift-Off has entertained and stunned audiences with it's continuous delivery of exceptional work, amazing networking vibe and brilliant press coverage.

All of the awards are audience choice and our winners get to potentially enjoy full official selections at every-single subsequent Lift-Off Film Festival around the world. The London Lift-Off Film Festival was created to find, showcase and deliver opportunities for the unsung talents behind global indie film.

Not only is our festival a global showcase for filmmakers looking to take that next step, we provide a free service where we take your work to the major film markets AFM, Cannes, EFM etc... All with the aim of getting your work acquired by distributors.

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