American Venus
A script by Diana Rozas & Kevin Hynes

About the project

Short synopsis: "It’s 1906, New York City: A SUPERNATURAL MUSE propels AUDREY to supermodel celebrity. But when an earthly lover eclipse her Muse, Audrey’s fame and romance are overshadowed by dark struggles and descent into an abyss … until her mythical power to inspire returns, bringing Audrey a chance for new life and love."

The Writer, Diane Rozas

Writing is a profession and a passion for me. I started out in advertising, writing copy…print and commercials... which is where I became interested in story on film, and production. These commercials were like mini-movies. I soon relocating from Los Angeles to New York City, thinking it would enhance my ad biz career, and help get my book ideas advanced in the heart of publishing. 8 books later (published by Random House, Viking-Penguin, and Simon Schuster-MacMillan) I moved forward in my professional life as a journalist, and columnist for CookingLight, and L.A. Correspondent/Contributor to Art & Antiques Magazine, among others. ~~~~ I was inspired to write about Beaux Arts public art and statuary dotting the city of New York mostly placed there in the early 1900s. Through this, I re-discovered a forgotten urban heroine, an artists’ Muse, a celebrity swept under the carpet of time who lived from 1891 to 1996. Through tireless research and investigation, I publish the book titled American Venus, the same as the working title of this script which brings Audrey back to life and shines a light onto her wondrous contributions to the New York City landscape and art world, while filling in some of the lesser known details of her life with my creative imagination, and drama. ~~~~~ Recently, I have co-written several feature-length scripts, and an award-winning feature-length documentary film, which I also co-produced, as well as managed all promotional efforts through U.S. distribution (2016-2017) of Made In Venice, and continued with promotions and showings internationally.