Local Filmmakers Showcase

Saturday 5th October, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
@ LAB 111, Arie Biemondstraat 111, 1054 PD Amsterdam, Netherlands


One, no one, 100.000
Dirs. Karlijn Milder & Lotte Milder
Netherlands | 28 mins
Logline: Lynn, a young girl, stranded in a countryside manor. A storm raging outside gives her no other option than to stay. During this stay, she mingles with the inhabitants of her new environment, many like herself seeking refuge from the storm. One morning Lynn becomes intrigued by a mural depicting a utopian world. Staring around a room of vacant faces she can't help but notice the stark dissonance from her own reality. Is it all coherent or just a coincidence?


Dir. Mariano Cabaco
Argentina, Czech Republic | 20 mins
Logline: Florian, a 17-year-old boy, is granted his first Sunday outing from the psychiatric hospital where he has been for 6 months. He meets his mother, who is fearful of having lost her son. 
 Despite her fears, this day Florian is determined to find his best friend´s parents and to ask for their forgiveness.


When Music Speaks
Dir. Mark Wijsman
Netherlands | 6 mins
Logline: WHEN MUSIC SPEAKS is a profile of a man who, after his corporate retirement, decided to learn how to play a new instrument. A short and sweet testimony on getting older and it never being too late to follow your passions.


Best Mom Ever
Dir. Louis van zwol
Netherlands | 11 mins
Logline: Paul and Judith find out over dinner that their relationship has come to an end, as they have lost sight of themselves and the other person.


Tribe of Ghosts
Dir. Almicheal Fraay
Netherlands | 9 mins
Logline: ‘Tribe of Ghosts’ is a documentary that takes place within a government-run shelter; here we see how children with albinism live alongside children with visual and auditory problems. The children with albinism cannot leave the shelter because they are likely to be subjected to torture and ill-treatment or worse death. Will they ever be free of their oppressors or does the cycle of pain continue, in the land of the supernatural?


On Air
Dir. Bastiaan Rook
Netherlands | 18 mins
Logline: Brian, who got stuck in a rut, receives a call during his broadcast that doesn't turn into a pleasant conversation.



After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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