Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 - Network Round Features

Friday 5th November - Sunday 14th November


Between Us
Directors. Vincent Everaerts, Sam Geyskens, Lander Haverals
Logline: How do you deal with a mother who is heavily addicted to medication and appears to be only a shadow of her former self?
Is there enough love for your son to support him unconditionally as he gets deeper and deeper into alcohol and drugs?
How afraid is a little girl of her drunken father? “Between Us” tells the poignant story of three parent-child relationships, united through a similar struggle to continue to support their beloved son, daughter, mother or father. But how unconditional is love when addiction beckons? Again and again, it is a battle between love and addiction.


It´s gonna be fine
Director. Christian Werner
Logline:  At Christmas dinner undertaker Karsten is confronted with his parents' plan to commit suicide. He may be used to death, but still he does everything in his powers to stop his beloved mother Marion and his Parkison-suffering father Theodor. But while all his efforts seem doomed to fail he might at least find a new outlook to his own life.


Dirty Banking
Dir. Axel Humlesjö
Logline: This is the story of Swedbank and the world’s largest money laundering scandal. Produced by the award winning team of investigative journalists at Swedish Television, Dirty Banking exposed how one of Europes most prestigious banks - Swedbank - has been used for systematic money laundering for nearly a decade.


No Hay Barrio Para las Mujeres (There are no slums for women)
Dir. Donald Whittier
Logline: Life is difficult for Ana. Desperate for resources, and struggling with nascent adulthood in machista Mexico, she doesn't know where to turn. When she finds a bag of money, Ana believes her dreams have been answered. But, as she'll find out, life is rarely so simple, with possible severe repercussions for her family. The owners of the money want it back, and have sent a merciless "fixer" named Mataoh to clean up the mess, including setting the incompetent toughs straight who lost the bag in the first place. Ana's only hope for survival is her is Tia Naomi. "NA," a tough woman raised in the desert, has a reputation for meting out justice to sexist men who abuse women. Who will find Ana first?


If I didn't care
Dir. Peter Bjørklund Andersen
Logline: Titus’ dad was never present – not even when they were together. Father and son have not seen each other in ages, when Titus is called and asked to take his terminally ill father to the hospital. Despite an urge to confront the man who was never there for him and suddenly needs his help, Titus is burdened by the fact that it may well be the last thing he ever gets to say to him. On their two trips to hospital, Titus’ father takes his son out on a journey and Titus starts to realize how much he can still learn from his father.

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