Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival 2023 - Network Round Features

Friday 10th November - Friday 17th November


Wait For Me
Dir. Keith Farrell
Logline: ALISON is no girl-next-door. Lost in a life of crime, she’s longing to escape but can’t see a way out. When she meets SAM, a damaged soul with a troubled past, he opens her eyes to the fact that life can be a beautiful thing, if you meet it halfway. Alison realises that if she doesn’t make some changes, she isn’t long for this world.


Alaska, Denali | The Last Frontier
Dir. Kornilios Sarantioglou
Logline: Today, dreams and being in contact with nature are more important than ever. Or are they? “Alaska, Denali | The Last Frontier” documentary by Kornilios Sarantioglou, follows the team of three Greek friends in their quest to summit Mt Denali, and their goal to film their story. It aims to challenge the limits within us while exploring what it takes to push through the hardships of daily life, unforeseen events, and the love for one’s family.


Studio Sessions
Dir. Stacie Frazier
Logline: A behind the scenes look at the process of creating music in the studio and a deep look at the bond between producer and artist.


A Side Of Rice
Dir. Tamir Moscovici
Logline: A Side of Rice is feature length documentary about 50 year screen and stage veteran, Nick Rice, as he prepares his one man autobiographical stage show. The show explores his childhood, the moment he got the acting bug, growing up in Winnipeg, his relationship with his mother, the loss of his first child, the birth of his second and the challenges of a career on stage. Themes of grief, joy and the pursuit of creative happiness- a Side of Rice spans a 70+ year journey of humanity.


Alchemy: Pathway to Profound Powers
Dir. Sharon Ann Rowland
Logline: Alchemy is an ancient practice that has fascinated and mystified people for centuries. This documentary explores the history and secrets of alchemy and its connection to the pursuit of profound powers. Through interviews with experts in the field, as well as a detailed historical timeline, viewers will learn about the origins of alchemy and its evolution over time. They will also delve into the beliefs of ancient and contemporary alchemists, who sought to turn base metals into gold and discover the secret to eternal life.


Deja Vu
Dirs. Anna Morawska & Astrid Davtian
Logline: One day a young woman, Angela, spots a handsome lawyer in a cafe and instantly falls head over heels for him. She surfs the internet in search of information on David and learns that his ex-girlfriend, Cynthia, a famous singer, had died under unclear circumstances a year earlier. To get David's attention, Angela copies Cynthia's style. She dyes her hair red, buys similar clothes, does the same makeup, sings her songs, etc. Angela also visits Zoroastrian's Temple of Fire, where she meets Cynthia's former best friend, Jennifer. The two become friends. Angela's efforts and her striking resemblance to Cynthia do not go unnoticed, and David finally


Soulful Conversation
Dir. Ungyu Yeo
Logline:  Ungyu started living off his parents, after seeing his British fiancée, Rebekah, and their cat son, Dobby, off. The goal had been to go together, but his visa was delayed by COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was just good to see his Mom and Dad again at the start, but over time, he started to feel bored, and depressed, in his isolation…


Tiramisu On The Beach
Dir. Jon Brekke
Logline: The story a of man and a woman, intense, high-powered attorneys representing opposing sides in a sexual harassment case, who meet on a beach to discuss an out-of-court settlement. But what starts as a celebration, eventually turns into a verbal war by two head-strong individuals bent on winning the battle of the sexes. As they dine on fine food catered in by a wacky and eclectic chef, they debate the essential differences between all men and women, citing their own past disastrous relationship as an example of the incompatibility of the male and female species.

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