Austin Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Emerging Filmmakers Showcase

Thursday 28th April


The More You Know
Dir. Daniel Leopold
Logline: Jane Leo, Austin, TX based duo. Music video for, "The More You Know" from their debut album.


The World on Drugs
Dir. Connor Haslam
Logline: The War on Drugs began in 1971 yet, today over 50 years later, scientific evidence and drug policy are more divided than ever before. “The World on Drugs” examines the issues caused by prohibition while sitting down with doctors, therapists, world-leading practitioners, and researchers to take an evidence-based look at some of the substances caught in the crossfire of prohibition and the potential benefit we could get from their regulation.


The Puppeteer
Dir. Paul Greenamyer
Logline: Sarah awakens from a nightmare she can't quite shake ... only to find her nightmares following her into her waking life. Is she only dreaming ... or is there something terrifying in the house, bent on her destruction?


Sweet Temptations
Dir. William Thomason
Logline: Sweet Temptations follows a jaded college student, Reese, who works for a local cookie delivery company. At the hands of nefarious drug dealer, Slim, Reese accepts a risky yet lucrative opportunity to peddle edibles through her company. As an aspiring lawyer, she is torn between funding her future and escaping the drug game before she's the one behind bars.


Dir. Scott John Convery
Logline: Tracey, an explicit content moderator for popular search engine, reviews explicit and gruesome content all day, every day. The routine memory wipes that he relies on to preserve his sanity come into question as their effects begin to seep into his personal life.


Truck Fishing in America
Dir. Shelley Delaney
Logline:  Truck Fishing in America is the story of Danny and Jerry, lost white men at odds with their own failed expectations. Men who work part of the year and drink the rest. Men who in other guises could be rioting in the capital or dying of an overdose. Darkly comic, Truck Fishing in America paints an arresting picture of a small victory and a terrible loss.


Dir. Ryan Lovell
Logline: In May of 2019, DJ Stewart was filling out onboarding paperwork for his new job when he suddenly had a seizure. Waking up in the hospital, DJ was told he had a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)—a malignant Grade IV brain tumor that reproduces rapidly and is difficult to remove. After neurosurgeons performed an emergency craniotomy the following day to eliminate as much of the tumor as possible, DJ’s prognosis was finalized: 13 to 18 months to live.

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