Austin Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Network Round Features

Thursday 5th May - Thursday 12th May


Turbo Cola
Dir.Luke Covert
Logline: AUSTIN MORRIS is foregoing the biggest party of the year to workovertime at the Quality Mart, much to the chagrin of his new
girlfriend, Mary Jane. What his friends don't know, however, is thathis true plan is the rob the store's ATM with his stoner side-kick,
SWEARSKY, so that he can be with the girl of his dreams. This New Year's Eve...1999...will change everything.


Black Kid, White Town
Dir. Adam Lusch
Logline: After George Floyd's murder, a Minneapolis hip hop artist named Nur-D decides to fight for change through his actions as well as his music.


The Blue Shroud
Dir. Jonathan C. Creasy
Logline: Groundbreaking bassist and composer Barry Guy brings together a group of musicians from around the world to rehearse his masterpiece, The Blue Shroud, ahead of a performance in London’s Southbank Centre.


The People Who Live There
Dir. Connor O'Brien
Logline: This documentary provides a whimsical and detailed picture of a unique city called Lakeland. It explores the unexpected and rich stories of historic homes and the people who live there.


Bad Romance
Dir. Chad Hamilton
Logline: Bad Romance is a comedic neo-noir about a socially awkward lonely guy, Rob, who attempts to track down the man who killed his wife -- but not for revenge, just to make friends and find love along the way.

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