Austin Lift-Off Film Festival 2024
Network Round Features

Monday 29th April - Sunday 5th May


Hello in Here
Dir. Casey McAdams
United States
Synopsis: A woman becomes increasingly isolated and starts to unravel as a result.


Jesucristo Flamenco
Dir. Laura Muñoz Liaño
Synopsis:Every musical begins around a table where the creative team discusses the approach to be given to the libretto, the style to be followed by the choreography, the lighting and stage design, or the musical arrangements. It is a process of incalculable creative value and also at the production level of the show. This documentary is based on an experience of creation prior to the musical film 'Jesus Christ Flamenco'.


Dir. Graeme Wilson
Synopsis: An innovative and charismatic influencer is exploding into popularity when she states an opinion that she doesn’t know will get her crucified by her peers.


Mercy of Others
Dir. Damen Giglietta
Logline: In the haunting shadow of a recent tragedy, "Mercy of Others" unfolds as a close-knit group of six friends reunite to mourn the loss of a friend. This gathering, meant for solace and reminiscence, swiftly uncovers buried tensions and unresolved conflicts within their circle, revealing a complex web of emotions and relationships.


Grandpa and Shorty
Dir. Jeff Balmert
Synopsis: A grizzled old war vet fights to reconnect with his soldier son and the civilian world, when he gets stuck babysitting his 7 year-old granddaughter for the day. Our film focuses on the family sacrifices of our military men and women, hoping to bridge the gap between the American civilian and the American soldier.

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