Austin Lift-Off Film Festival 2024
Network Round Shorts

Monday 29th April - Sunday 5th May


Olan, TX
Dir. Nathan Markiewicz
United States
Synopsis: It’s been a long time since Olan went home. The tiny Texas town he was born in is almost unrecognizable, and yet it seems like things haven’t changed at all. Out of the Army, out of a job, and just out of a marriage, Olan returns to make his late father’s funeral arrangements and to fulfill his last wish: a military burial at Arlington National Cemetery.


It Only Spreads
Dir. Carter Breaux
Synopsis:IT ONLY SPREADS follows the inner monologue of a mild-mannered psychopath grappling with violent tendencies. A no-budget thriller shot on iPhone with a crew of 3 people and a cast of 10.


Elliot & Mae
Dir. Ben Weaver
Logline: A love story with a time-travel twist. After losing the love of her life, Mae discovers a magical matchbox that takes her back in time. She thinks she has the chance to save Elliot, but things don't go according to plan. Think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror.


Screen Test
Dir. Adam Shimberg
United States
Logline: An actor lands her first big role, but in the screen test she realizes that it might’ve not been her talent that landed her the part... the question now is, stand up for herself or swallow it and take the role?


Synopsis: Isabelle is a violinist-beekeeper in the Ouessant island. She protect her bees and she inspire her daughter with stories and legend about honey bees....


Dir. Bruno Chiecco
United Kingdom
Synopsis: A young woman returns to the place where she was held captive throughout most of her childhood and the memories come rushing by as she retells the story.


Autumn Leaves
Dirs. Elizabeth Lewis
Synopsis: Autumn brings bitter sweet memories. A woman, missing her husband, struggles to control the leaves and her emotions in this fully animated hilarious take on the classic song.


Dir. Alice The G00n
Faroe Islands
Synopsis: Chapter 1: CYA - Alice begins her violent katabasis.


ActNow: An Activist Story
Dir. Freja Refning Hansen
Synopsis: As activist, Mila Todd, struggles to get the media's attention to an oil spill that has destroyed Mauritius' protected marine area, she decides to join an illegal protest.


Mosaics: Seeds of Change
Dir. Harry Pound
United States
Synopsis: Retired Lutheran pastor Luisa Cabello Hansel creates large mosaic artwork to build community, inspire peace, justice, and hope in her Minneapolis neighborhood.


Captain Freckles and Applesauce - Pilot (POC)
Dirs. Brenton Feeser
United States
Synopsis: Two aging rock stars are on the backend of their careers but love the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll lifestyle. They must deal with their inner demons and addictions, all while trying to stay relevant in an industry that is changing faster than they can keep up.


Killer Killer
Dir. Chris Cheek
United States
Synopsis: On a stormy night in a secluded cabin, Monty celebrates his best friend Fletcher's engagement, until the evening is interrupted by a mysterious guest. Over candlelight, a haunting web of secrets emerge, and as the storm rages outside, the night descends into a gripping tale of survival where the tragic revelation of sinister truths forever changes their lives.


It's Nice! (When People Take The Time To Say Goodbye)
Dir. Nicky Alloway
United Kingdom
Synopsis: Three siblings return to their hometown for the funeral of their beloved Uncle Bernard. While paying their respects, they have one simple aim - to get through the day without any mention of their estranged mother and her betrayal of the family.


Dir. Petr Cikhart
United States
Synopsis: A valet deals with an arrogant patron waiting impatiently for his car, managing eventually to diminish the situation.


A Twisted Path
Dir. Ray Thompson
United States
Synopsis: Katharine sees supernatural things that others don’t. She experiences panic attacks daily which leads her to a phone session with Belinda, a spiritual counselor that understands Katharine’s gifts. She is instructed to be open to an unlikely profession which leads her to working with C.J. in a holistic store. As Katharine’s gifts continue to unfold, Belinda validates a dream that Katharine privately shares with her of a faceless man. Her dream begins to unfold after she meets Austin Hart while moonlighting for a psychic hotline. Austin is experiencing the dark night of the soul after the loss of his son, Alex. Suddenly, they begin a journey down an unexpected, twisted path of events that will challenge their love and every spiritual belief they have ever had.

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