Berlin Lift-Off 2018 – Shorts programme 2

Shorts programme 2

Thursday 8th February, 8.45pm - 10.45pm
@ Union Filmtheater, Bölschestraße 69, 12587 Berlin, Germany


Dirs. Francois Chandelle
Belgium | 22 mins
Sebastian found an audio tape on which Ludo, his recently deceased friend, plays a calm guitar arpeggio. Obsessed by this audio fragment, Sebastian has only two days left to learn and play the song at burial. He has to give his friend that last goodbye. Therefore he will have to ask the permission to Linda, Ludo’s mother, a rock star rushed back home by the death of her kid. Whether Linda wants it or not, Sebastian will play the song.


Dir. Tomoya Takashima
Japan | 12.5 mins
A story of people living in a world prohibited from giving birth. Sci-Fi Thriller animation. In this era, artificial intelligence, AI has come to power. Birthing limits were implemented in order to manage the AI population that has grown too much. Although AI’s threatening, illegal birth laws are no end of mankind’s desire. The parents and children would be killed if exposed by government. The couple are heading the port toward the resistance force called the ‘Human Tribe’ to save the children. AI was approaching behind them.


I Hear You
Dirs. Andi Haw Shuan Chu
UK | 6.5 mins
An alien is interviewed on how we communicate.


Nostalgic Love
Dir. Joscha Bongard
Germany |7 mins
Love and pulsing intimacy at an older age is more or less a no-go subject - while sexualization of society is omnipresent. In Nostalgic Love we follow a young but old deep love through it’s modern, almost teeny problems. The couple discusses about polygamy and their needs, while they are loosing connection. What’s used to be intimate togetherness ends up in loneliness.


Dir. Arthur Valverde
France/Madagascar | 4.5
IA portrait documentary of a 78 year old surgeon: Firoze Koytcha, who has organized humanitarian missions for more than 40 years. He is sharing his thoughts on misery and life, his faith and his hopes for Humanity.


Dir. Frida Kempff
Swednen | 12 mins
Charlie and her dad keep sheep. Wolf kill sheep. Charlie needs to act.


From beyond the grave, my grandfather told me why I am alive today
Dir. Otso Alanko
Sweden |3.5 mins
20 years after the death of his grandfather, a grandchild finds an audio cassette in the attic of his grandparent's house, on which the grandfather tells him how one small decision could have changed everything.


Dirs. Tobias Steinigeweg & Maximilan Stolarow
Lesotho, Germany| 20 mins
Following The Horsemen is a film that not only highlights the potential of Lesotho as a new adventure destination, but also provides an invaluable glimpse into its heritage through the country’s iconic horsemen..

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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