Local Filmmakers Shwcase & Networking

Wednesday 6th February, 6.45pm - late
@ IL KINO, Nansenstraße 22, 12047 Berlin, Germany


Hapless Hans
Dir. Rena Dumont
Germany, Czech Republic | 30 mins
Synopsis: The grumpy factory employee Hans Himmelreich has to travel behind the Iron Curtain into a profoundly communist Czechoslovakia of the sixties to have his deceased grandmother buried. Despite prejudice he unexpectedly finds happiness in this Sudeten German province.


ZULU: Hidden People
Dir. Lukas Kunzmann
Germany | 6 mins
Synopsis: Once upon a time there was only one old man left on earth. For many centuries his ancestors have studied the stars for „something“ out there. On earth they have discovered strange spheres out of stones, which they called the "fallen stars".


The Third King
Dir. Christoph Oliver Strunck
Germany | 25 mins
Synopsis: The last German winter of World War II. African-American private Jamar gets lost behind the enemy frontline. When he takes shelter in a cabin deep in the forest he struggles in an uncertain path with fateful encounters to head home again. A parable about times when humanity seems to be lost. But being human might be the only chance to bond with each other to survive.


Miss Black Germany
Dir. Elisha Smith-Leverock
Germany | 13 mins
Synopsis: "Being German doesn't equal being white."What does it feel like to grow up in a society whose beauty standards are so different from your own? Challenging what it means to be beautiful in the Western world, Miss Black Germany documents the stories, hopes, dreams, and fears of four contestants participating in the first Miss Black Germany pageant.


Michael S., versammelt
Dir. Steven Swirko
Germany | 3 mins
Synopsis: His boundless love for the cinema has motivated Michael Schneider to collect 8mm films ever since he was young... whatever the cost.


Dir. Carman Ho
Germany | 8 mins
Synopsis: Exhausted and depressed, Lydia finds it more and more difficult to find reasons to get through each day even with the patience and support of her girlfriend, Emily. Seeing how much Emily is struggling for her, she makes a devastating choice.


Jack & Jackie
Dir. Robert Fuhrmann
Germany | 15 mins
Synopsis: Jack lives in Germany illegal. Together with the little runaway Jackie he stays in an abandoned house. Jack is trying to build something up, while Jackie wants to escape her brutal father. One night they get a visitor.


After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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