Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Award Winning Filmmakers

Saturday 19th February


Tiny Vessels
Dir. Daphne Schmon
Logline: Set in late 90s Cornwall, Tiny Vessels is a dark coming-of-age thriller following three friends: Theo, his sister Hattie, and local Charlie whose respective worlds turn upside down right in front of Hattie’s beloved camcorder when the stakes of a game ratchet to dangerous heights.


A Lucid Dream
Dir. Li Yue
Logline: Memory eats into his dream. With the disappearance of that batch of wood which comes from the Southwest border, Li Guang, who is at the age of knowing destiny, realizes that this bizarre and motley reality is only built of the extension of memories. As for the kind of freedom he had been pursuing in that crazy age may never exist. After all, all he got in the end was only a siege of mind and body.


Good and Better
Dir. Gil Alkabetz
"It's hard to think it's gonna be good, much easier to think it's gonna be bad": A song in waltz rhythm is combined with absurd animated loops to express a feeling of concern and uncertainty about the future.


What If?
Dir. Katia Shannon
Logline: At each step, Elena’s agoraphobia reinforces her sense of mortality but, as anxiety spreads around her like wildfire, she finally sees a way out.


Viskar I Vinden
Dir. James Newman
Logline: A feisty forensic investigator is gathering evidence at the murder scene. Until the corpse posthumously communicates with the investigators through its decaying farts. They must conduct a most unusual interview to catch the killer.


Dirs. Josefin Malmen, David Strindberg
Logline: He may be god enough, but is he… good enough? A slightly surreal comedy short that (literally) lets you under the skin of a bodybuilder and his ambivalent self-image - exploring the fine line between self-loathing and self-loving.

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