Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Local Filmmakers Showcase

Saturday 19th February


Happy New Year
Dirs. Morten Jensen, Sabine Thun, Tobias Lunn Nielsen
Logline: "Happy New Year" is a dark, poetic drama about a dysfunctional relationship, addiction between young adults and love that "does not consider".
The film follows a late 20's couples effort to blindly survive on love and denial, while handling addiction with fatal lack of experience, emotional immaturity and without tools to take care of themselves in this serious situation.
The short portraits the last time of this dysfunctional relationship and how this event still stays with them, even after the storm has passed.


Forced To Bend
Dir. Astrid Schäfer
Logline: After serving a prison sentence, the protagonist meets his friends and his mother again. Torn between their different expectations of him, he struggles to free himself of his previous life and find his own way.


The Boy in the Snow
Dir. Dieter Primig
Logline: An abandoned soldier finds himself unable to kill a young boy after a bloody raid on an enemy village. Forced to take the boy with him through the surrounding mountains and wilderness, the boy’s presence begins to slowly reawaken his lost humanity. During their arduous journey an unlikely bond forms between the two enemies. When the soldier finally finds the rest of his missing patrol, his relief is cut short as he realizes he has led the boy to certain death. At that moment, the soldier is forced to make a terrible choice, and his decision will decide the fate of both of them.


Dir. Lukas Baier
Logline: When the physicist Walter moves into a new apartment in the 1970s, he tries to clear up the enigmatic disappearance of his previous tenant and realizes that the old man is haunting him in an eerie way - from the future.


Dir. Marlene Schittenhelm
Logline: A young musician struggles after her plans fall through, making her question her agency as a young adult.


Dir. Deniz Arora
Logline: A woman is taking an old elevator up to her new apartment that she has just recently moved into. The oddly old and ringing phone inside the cabin is freaking her out. Over the line she is told about nightmares that are about to become true.

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