Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Network Round Features

Wednesday 9th March - Wednesday 16th March


The Worst ‘til Now
Dir. Iván Garzón Mayorga
Logline: After years of complete detachment from his family, Juan travels back to Bogotá to visit his sick mother. There he reencounters his unrecognizable younger brother Mario, and also his aunt Gloria, who for both of their surprises plans on leaving them in charge of the house and their mom, forcing them to face their past differences.


Let The Music Play
Dirs. Cate Meighan, Heather Dauterive
Logline: A feature-length documentary by DailyBOOM Media on Covid-19's crushing impact on the music industry as seen through the eyes of artists, musicians, promoters, venue owners, merchandisers and Save Our Stages/NIVA ambassadors.
All interviews filmed from Nov. 2020 - Jan. 2021 via Zoom due to pandemic restrictions.


Without Kerosene To Berlin (Ohne Kerosin Nach Berlin)
Dir. Roy Fochtman, Moritz Böll, Maximilian Blaß
Logline: In a nationwide campaign by Students for Future in 2020, around 60 motivated people cycled from Cologne to the capital of Germany, Berlin. Their name: "Without Kerosene To Berlin" (Ohne Kerosin nach Berlin or OKNB). The film emerged from the movement and accompanies the activists up close in a 14-day-long demonstration. With the protest action, the OKNB movement wants to call for more mobilization for a more climate-friendly world!


Bohemian Avenger
Dir. Lucia Klein Svoboda
Czech Republic
Logline: Anton is a successful actor who suffers from being a bohemian. When Anton’s drinking problem gets out of hand, he looses his work and his wife too. Anton covers up his failures towards his son, Tommy with a lie - Anton pretends that he is a secret space agent. In reality, Anton is cast out of the art world. Anton befriends a poet with a post office day job and a former ballet maestro who ended up as the owner of a junkyard. When Anton reaches the bottom, his friends help him to symbolically reform everything that has hurt him - with a huge demolition car. When the revengers chase with the police, they crash, and Anton falls into a coma and meets the creator… and since the Almighty is almighty, Anton might fly to space after all… several months later, when Anton wakes up from his coma he will be a victim of an “accidental” substitution with Dr. Melnikoff. Anton has to act the part and he is trapped in the middle of a Russian space program… He will become his son’s hero after all, and surely never drink again, as his rocket is now headed to start a colony at Mars.

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