Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival 2024
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Wednesday 13th - Sunday 24th March


No To War
Dir. Fariborz Mohsenipour
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Synopsis: The movie «No to War» tells the story of an old man who has been dreaming of becoming a colonel since he was a teenager. The film is based on the memories of the eight-year Iran- Iraq war and the Islamic Revolution in Iran from the perspective of Colonel Mohseni Pour. The film depicts the concerns and problems of the main character›s personal life along with reconstructed images.


Calling Hearts
Dir. Annina Alexis Fedorkova
United Arab Emirates
Synopsis: Calling Hearts is a powerful documentary revealing the plight of women & children refugees from Ukraine. It depicts the brutal conflict and its devastating impact, highlighting the resilience of survivors. The film showcases their treacherous journey, aid organizations' efforts, and the importance of global empathy. It urges collective action to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis.


Ask The Sand
Dir. Vittorio Bongiorno
Synopsis: ASK THE SAND is the journey of a father and a son in search of the utopiac city of Arcosanti, the city of the future built in 1970 in the Arizona desert by the Italian architect Paolo Soleri (1919-2013), a student of Frank Lloyd Wright . A journey that is also a father's birthday gift to a son who becomes a man.

Soleri is one of the most important characters of the twentieth century, still forgotten, and his life is told with the virgin eyes of an aspiring architect with very open antennas about what is happening in the world and what each of us can do to help improve it.

With the soundtrack of Calexico, Naim Amor & John Convertino, Joachim Cooder.


The Concertmaster
Dir. Manoj Mauryaa
Synopsis: After suffering a hand injury, the talented violinist Emma is forced to drop out of the music orchestra led by Frank Shubert just days before their major concert. With time running out, Frank turns to Walter, a local florist who is a prodigal violinist, to step in as the Concertmaster. Emma is against the idea of a florist replacing her. Despite Frank's intense training, Walter struggles to read the notes due to a traumatic past. Walter fails repeatedly and Frank is forced to expel him from his orchestra. With time running out, Frank starts his desperate search for a new soloist. Can Walter overcome his challenge and play as the Concertmaster for Frank's Orchestra in time for the concert?


Dir. Tokpa Korlo
United States
Synopsis: Kudung tells the story of the extraordinary events surrounding the passing of one of the highest lamas in Tibetan Buddhism, Shamar Rinpoche. 2500 years ago the Buddha foretold, "In the future, a great being with a red crown will come to alleviate the suffering of many. The incarnate lineage of the Shamarpas, also known as the red crown lamas, brought this incredible prediction to fruition.

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world joined in celebrating Shamar Rinpoche's life, while his body made the journey from Germany where he died, to India and Bhutan, and finally to Kathmandu where he was cremated. The teachings and insight of this incredible teacher tangibly permeate the narrative, intertwined by high ranking Buddhist lamas who knew him best, as well as the filmmaker, who shares his own fascinating journey of life changing personal evolution.

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