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10. ‘Billy Elliot‘: Screenplay by Lee Hall ‘Billy Elliot’ is heartwarming, straightforward and unique. It tells the story of a young boy developing a passion for ballet, defying the traditional gender roles in the community he lives in. As a audience, we follow his journey and struggles throughout. ‘Billy Elliot’ follows the classical Hollywood Three […]


4 Rules for making a Documentary

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We at Lift-Off adore documentary films. When executed correctly, and the following rules are observed, a documentary can give an incredible insight into the human condition and more. Every time I think I’ve found the perfect documentary, another one comes around and blows my mind. I love any situation in which my mind is expanded […]

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Bill Nichols’ 6 Modes of Documentary

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Documentary is a wonderful way of showing people an aspect of reality and actuality. Often used to inform and to share knowledge with their audience, documentaries do not appear to have any boundaries therefore as humans continue to discover, create and explore it is clear that documentary filmmaking will continue to evolve. There are many […]