Courses – The Actor’s Launchpad

This is an absolute game-changer for actors, offering a truly unique and fresh perspective. Supported by one of the most influential organisations in indie film, it’s the go-to destination for any actor seeking invaluable insights and a competitive edge in the industry


This is a course that is broken down into two distinct parts. The first is a free-to-attend day at Pinewood Studios where the attendees are given a tour of the studio and an introduction to the insights and opportunities Lift-Off has identified over the years that actors need to know. At the end of the informative and constructive free workshop, Lift-Off introduces the 2nd part of the course which is called “The Actor’s Launchpad” – attendees of the free workshop are under no obligation whatsoever to enroll but it is one of the main features of the day.

Lift-Off course participants Cole Danai Smith and Albany Maddison

Unveiling a transformative journey for actors, revolutionising the way we approach the craft – these courses are designed to help actors navigate the film industry from the ground up.

Knowledge Beyond Performing. We can teach you about the fundamentals of the indie film landscape and how actors can use this knowledge to meet more filmmakers and get cast more often in independent cinema, which is the doorway to bigger and better work.

Courses range from beginners’ acting courses and castability workshops to in-depth, content-rich, 12-month programmes.

Courses are updated weekly with limited numbers and spaces are given on a first-come first-served basis…

COURSES – Lift-Off Global Network HQ, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath

Course 1.

Attendees of the July workshop at Lift-Off Global Network, Pinewood Studios, UK

Introduction to the Indie Film Landscape

– Free to attend

Most Fridays, running 12-4pm

Pinewood Studios, UK


Are you an aspiring actor looking to break into the challenging but hyper-rewarding world of indie film? Look no further than Lift-Off’s free introduction day, specially designed for actors like you. Located at the iconic Pinewood Studios, we will be running a day of workshops to help you navigate the indie film landscape in the UK. Lift-Off Co-Founder James Bradley will guide you through the process of taking your acting career to the next level. Here’s what you can expect on the day:

Free workshop 1: A basic introduction to the indie film landscape in the UK and how it is relevant for actors. What will be covered: Lift-Off Global Network, the importance of knowledge beyond performing, the process from initial idea to a finished film, the roles on a typical indie film project, how films raise finance and look to sell their work, and how actors can establish long-lasting relationships with directors within independent cinema.

Free workshop 2: Headshot and showreel screening feedback session for each actor present.

Presentation: The Actors Launchpad, Lift-Off’s 12-month Paid Programme for Actors looking to break into the Indie Film Industry.

Course 2.

The Actor’s Launchpad

– The all-encompassing network solution for actors

BOOK NOW AND PAY 50% DEPOSIT (payable 1 week before the course begins)

Introducing an exceptional 12-month program unlike any other. The course is tailored to assist actors in identifying talent within the extraordinary pool of Lift-Off Filmmakers, establishing and engaging them with thoughtful connections and a look towards future collaborations.

The best part is that it is mostly online and features the following opportunities and regular development check-ins…

– Course begins with a secret streaming event for all actors taking part.

– Access to the exclusive actor’s section of the Lift-Off Hub.

– Weekly check-ins with the team.

– Monthly workshops with James and Ben.

– Free access to every festival streaming for 12 months with Lift-Off

– First refusal on all script read-throughs from our home at Pinewood Studios

– Access to our filmmaker showcases, meet and greet filmmakers both in person and online

— Plus loads more

The programme’s primary aim is to propel actors’ careers forward, enhance their portfolios, expand their networks, and forge creative alliances with the right filmmakers for each actor.

This comprehensive course offers a wealth of valuable content and a plethora of advice for actors who are determined to build momentum and effectively leverage their network. If you’re an actor aspiring to advance your career and genuinely cultivate friendships with tomorrow’s greatest filmmakers, seize the opportunity and enrol in this course today!