Don't Feed these Animals

A film by Guilherme Afonso & Miguel Madaíl de Freitas

About the Directors

Guilherme Afonso is a founding partner of Nebula Studios and one of the co-directors of Don’t Feed These Animals.
Miguel Madaíl de Freitas is the lead 3D artist at the company and the other co-director of our short film.
With a collaboration of 8 years in the advertising industry, they have worked together for brands such as Vodafone, Gillette, UEFA, FIBA and Unilever. Producing a short film has been their dream since this dynamic duo started and the celebration of Nebula's 10th anniversary seemed just the right time do it.

Goodbye my Son

Directed by: Yuichiro Nakada

Country of origin: Japan

Runtime: 15 minutes

Synopsis: Despite glaucoma, Tetsuo spends his days on drawing pictures of fireworks after his wife passed away. One day, his only son, Yuji visits him. Tetsuo is not welcoming his repudiated son, but he hands out his drawing that contains the old memory of his family, watching the back of his son as someone.