Hotel Paraiso
A film by Daniel Rehder

About the project

Director's Statement:

My main motivation with this film was to undertake an introspective journey into what have been the greatest challenges of my adolescence and to help those who live similar experiences. It is a way to go back in time and deal with those issues while getting rid of some of the regrets: confess my feelings to the girl that I liked, overcome my weight and self-esteem issues, confront my school’s bully, continue playing guitar, telling my family how much they mean’t for me and try to recuperate some of innocence that was lost because of bullying.

Bullying is real and it affects millions of people. A lot of this people suffer from depression and arrive to extremes that no human being you should live. I hope I can give back some of the light that was given to me by cinema in those moments of darkness. When I had that age I used to hide myself in my inner world and act differently with everyone that surrounded me, that kind of experience makes you grow up rapidly. That is why I decided to externalize that inner world and represent innocence by using references to movies that helped me in those moments of darkness.


Synopsis: "In the Peruvian desert lies an extravagant hotel filled with endless entertainment where one of the guests, introverted Guillermo, battles to overcome his lack of confidence and his school bully to win the heart of his dream girl."

The Director, Daniel Rehder

Guy Davies was born in 1991 in High Wycombe, UK. He is a director and producer, known for Philophobia (2019), Sick to My Bones (2015) and Emily (2013). Guy's film career started off as a child actor, occupying the title role in Benjamin's Struggle (2005), starring alongside Alison Doody and Andrew Sachs. Midway through his teens he transitioned behind the lens and began working as a runner and then a spark in London. At 18 he moved to New York to study Cinematography at New York Film Academy. After a few years working in the camera department Guy made the swap to writing, directing and producing. He is the founder of UK based film production company Zebrafish Media. Philophobia (2019) is Guy's feature debut and is based on his experience growing up in the Cotswolds.