Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival

Since 2011 the city of Liverpool has hosted the annual Northern England leg of the Lift-Off Film Festival Network. Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival: the second oldest festival in the year long celebration and exchange of true indie cinema. Liverpool Lift-Off is the only Film Festival in Liverpool and is one of the best attended international film festivals in the North of England. With sell out screenings that span a week of celebration, where the focus is sat heavily on the directors and teams behind each piece that we showcase.

All of the awards are audience choice and our winners get to enjoy full official selections at every-single subsequent Lift-Off Film Festival around the world. The Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival was created to stretch the possibilities of showcasing unheard talent in the North of England. Liverpool was awarded the European Cultural Capital City back in 2008. It is a thriving destination for audiences and filmmakers.

Liverpool is a remarkable city filled with remarkable people. In 2013 Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival’s first year, we saw a staggering success. 650 submissions from around the world, a programme that stretched across 4 unique venues across the city, showcasing 34 films selected by our judges to sell out crowds across 4 memorable days. In 2014 Liverpool Lift-Off returned to the Kazimier and showcased the best of British and International Filmmaking to bumper crowds and a whole host of press and the filmmaking community. Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2014 had the UK Premier of the Oscar winning short documentary The Lady at Number 6.

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