London Lift-Off 2017 – Local Filmmakers Showcase

Local Filmmakers Showcase

Saturday 9th December, 7.45pm - late
@ ArtHouse Crouch End, 159A Tottenham Ln, London, N8 9BT


The Silent Child
Dir. Chris Overton
UK | 19 mins
Inspired by real life events. The Silent Child Film tells the story of a profoundly deaf child born into a hearing family. A caring social worker does everything she can to stop a deaf child from being treated like a stumbling block in a middle class family's idealistic life.


The Super Recogniser
Dir. Jennifer Sheridan
UK | 11 mins
The Super Recogniser is a twist-filled, sci-fi short film starring Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones). It tells the story of Scott (Jacob Anderson), a seemingly normal young man with a very special talent. Thanks to his exceptional skills of 90% facial recognition, Scott has been recruited to work in a secret government initiative. Under the watchful eye of his tough-talking supervisor Agent Williams (Ritu Arya), this Super Recogniser is over-worked and under pressure as he spends hours seeking terrorists and criminals captured on CCTV cameras. However, Scott starts to question everything after he believes he sees 'himself' on the monitors.


Service Update
Dir. Olly Sindle
UK | 4 mins
Meet London Transport employee Carl Downer. Armed with a mic and a heart of gold, he's on an unwavering mission to spread the love in one of London's busiest train stations


Dir. Roozbeh Misaghi
Iran/ UK | 15 mins
The discovery of a mysterious black box in a small remote village in Iran causes turmoil among the villagers. According to a public announcement, it is promised to make the finder of the box prosperous.


Clanker Man
Dir. Ben Steiner
UK | 11 mins
Reality doesn't happen by itself. Terry Lothian works tirelessly to maintain the background details that we all take for granted. But with his department feeling the pinch of austerity cutbacks, it's not just the fabric of reality that's starting to unravel.

Interval - 20 minutes


Stealing Silver
Dir. Dom Santry
UK | 20 mins
A young woman is forced to confront a painful time in her life when she discovers just how wrong she's been about the mysterious old man across the road.


Dir. Frank Tamburin
UK | 20 mins
‘Wraps’ is a film set in the colliding worlds of boxing and substance recovery. [‘Wraps’ are both the pieces of binding used by boxers to protect their hands, and the plastic baggies used by dealers and addicts to transport and store Heroin].


Dirs. Billy Rees, Doug Kirby
UK | 11 mins
A harrowing film exploring how a situation can be perceived - who is Michael and what is his relationship with the woman he is talking to?... A One shot continuous take short film, looking at perception, mental health and relationships.


Dir. Bugsy Steel
UK | 8 mins
Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenage boxer with downs syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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