London Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 - Network Round Features

Monday 4th January - Sunday 10th January


Look The Other Way & Run
Dir. David Luke Rees
Logline: Two survivors Sammy (Chloe Pirrie) Lee (Jonas Armstrong) hide away from danger in a secluded farmhouse.
Tension rises when an injured Ben (Ken Nwosu) turns up at their doorstep, delirious and seeking refuge.


Transhumance - Routes of a disappearing life
Dir. Tina Preschitz
Logline: The Transhumance - the seasonal migration of livestock in search for better pastures and climate conditions - goes back thousands of years and has survived environmental and cultural developments. Until now.
For generations a nomadic herder family from Spain has raised their animals follow this sustainable way of animal farming that also carries incredible cultural heritage and is crucial for healthy ecosystems.


Call For a Poetic City

Dir. Elisabeth Felson
Logline:  Poetic is Political. Horse-riding in a large city centre isn't a touristic endeavor, but undertakes a unique role at the community level. Let us not be anthropocentric.


Dir. Ibrahim Awara
Logline: There's a need we have for stories, stories we tell ourselves everyday to keep a hold on who we are. An accidental encounter between two men demonstrates the depths of that need. A story is told, it starts with three knocks on a door, a misdelivered envelope and unexplainable disappearances unravelling a twisting mystery that when passed on, retold and scrutinised, blurs the lines between truth and fiction.


No Roses On A Sailor's Grave
Dir. Daniel Oron
Logline: 73 years after Royal Navy veteran Patrick Thomas' ship vanishes during World War II, he is the last of the handful of survivors still living. Fate brings Patrick and completely stranger, archaeologist John Henry Phillips together. Fuelled by their unexpected bond and the rapid passing of the Second World War generation, John makes a shocking promise to find the ship and build a memorial with Patrick by his side.


Dir. Smail Beldjelalia
Logline: Mohamed, a young Algerian in his thirties, tells his own story of illegal immigrant in France. He used to work in a baking ingredients factory in Algiers, he was engaged and planning his wedding. Overworked, he had to take a break. Then began his descent into hell: his boss fired him, his fiancée abandoned him, he had no connections nor support to find another job, in a country plagued by corruption. Without future, he had no choice but to leave.


The Thing Before The Thing
Dir. Mike Piccirillo
Logline: Twelve years ago, a group of friends developed an incredible bond during their college mentorship program. They find themselves reuniting many years later to celebrate the retirement of Harris, the man that brought them together. With time having sent these friends in different directions, they pick up where they left off so long ago. They also find out that even though their mentorship program is over, their relationships with one another continue to evolve.


Dir. James Webber
Logline: Sorority explores the lives and relationships of two sisters; Sarah, a
talented writer on the verge of attending Oxford University; and Harriet, who dreams of escaping the confines of their estate and leaving behind her overbearing boyfriend, Andrew.

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