London Lift-Off Film Festival 2023 - Network Round Features

Thursday 11th January - Thursday 18th January


Suicide Kelly
Dir. Jordon Scott Kennedy
Logline: Brendan Kelly is a disgraced former boxer whose life has been a series of missed opportunities and broken promises. When his estranged Grandson lands on his doorstep, looking for a place to hide out for the night, Brendan is presented with a unique chance at redemption. Set in a working-class community on the outskirts of Leeds and spanning across three generations, SUICIDE KELLY explores racism, masculinity, the influences of the media on narrative control and how hope can be found in the unlikeliest of places.


The Horse Tail
Dir. Justyna Luczaj
Logline: In a town at the foot of a cliff, between a rubbish dump, barns and a forest, people form incestuous relationships and hold painful secrets. Diana, an aging prostitute, comes back to town, milk streaming from her breasts. Max, a policeman, discovers that his wife has been raped in the forest. Maj, the main suspect, becomes the object of affection of Dagmara, the victim’s daughter.


Unstoppable - Inside the mind of the extreme triathlete
Dir. Ben Hull
Logline: The secret of success in endurance challenges goes beyond the physical to become a battle that is fought and won in the mind.


Alameda - Here is Anywhere
Dir. Patti Cary
Logline: When a recently retired science teacher, Patty May, witnesses something she can’t explain, she makes it her mission to solve the mystery of Rusty, a man suddenly gone missing, and Scout, the sweet dog he left behind.


A Peculiarly Bizarre Day For Josie Joan
Dir. Federico Balla
Logline: Josie Joan loses everything in one day. Their job, their home, and the love of their life. At an all time low, Josie discovers something magical.
What is the cost of all your desires becoming reality? Can you find family in your worst enemies? And why the cuss are people throwing up ping-pong balls?
Join Josie on their journey reconciling with their life - rivalry, adultery and sheer cussing lunacy.

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