London Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Judges' Selects 2 (Live Shorts)

Sunday 11th December 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Dir. Martin Norén
Logline: Anna! is the story of a young woman in the process of learning to stand up for herself by putting her own needs and desires first. Slowly she begins to understand the necessity in being able to say no to others to say yes to herself.


Give Time
Dir. Luis Oliva
Logline: Based on a true moment shared between lovers, "Give Time" tells the story of Alice, a young woman grieving the loss of her lover, Leo. As she returns home to her apartment, the place where their relationship began, past and present merge as she is unable to deal with the guilt of living past the one she loved. As she moves through the space, she eventually discovers that the only way forward is through allowing the pain to emerge and beginning the near impossible process of letting go.


Little Berlin
Dir. Kate McMullen
Logline: When the Iron Curtain cuts his tiny German village in half, Peter the bull gets separated from his 36 cows. Based on a true story, narrated by Christoph Waltz.


Tiny Vessels
Dir. Daphne Schmon
Logline: Set in late 90s Cornwall, Tiny Vessels is a dark coming-of-age thriller following three friends: Theo, his sister Hattie, and local Charlie whose respective worlds turn upside down right in front of Hattie’s beloved camcorder when the stakes of a game ratchet to dangerous heights.


Sometimes They Sing
Dirs. Maya Yoncali, Andy McCredie
Logline: Amid isolation; two lovers are driven into an upheaval of dreams, physical expression and murmuring stillness.


Dir. Madeleine Shenai
Logline: A teenage girl and her father learn to overcome their anxieties after the most embarrassing moment of her young life.

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