Los Angeles Lift-Off 2016 – Shorts Programme 4

Shorts Programme 4 - Red carpet gala & Local filmmaker networking drinks

Friday 9th September, 7.30pm-late @ Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave

Red Carpet Gala Event. Showcasing shorts from local talent and beyond. Followed by a networking party and a chance for attendees to meet participating filmmakers, alumni, the festival organisers and the Lift-Off Global Network Founders. Dress Code: Whatever makes you feel awesome.


Dir. Christen R. Carter
USA | 2016 | Language: English
An inadvertent meeting on an airplane leads to the real connection of two broken individuals…who now have hope.


Shoot in Any Direction and You'll Hit a Bastard
Dir. Brahm Taylor
USA | 2015 | Language: English
A deranged Union officer tracks an infamous gunfighter to recover a fistful of dollars. Not even the territory’s most ruthless bounty killer can stop the mad Colonel’s bloody trail through the American Southwest.


Dir. Alexander Hankoff & Alexander Maxwell
USA | 2015 | 18 mins | Language: English
A struggling small town race car driver wrestles with a dark proposition from a sponsor who takes an interest in the sport's potential for carnage.


In the Privacy of Your Own Home
Dir. Will Galperin
USA | 2015 | 17 mins | Language: English
Rick, an ageing widower, rids his home of clutter in an attempt to move on from his wife's recent passing. Upon lugging boxes and bags of junk to the curb, Rick meets a young girl, Angela, who asks if she can swim in his backyard pool. Rick indulges her request and invites her into his home only to soon discover there's something much deeper happening beneath the surface.


The Eyes
Dir. Jingchuan Wang
USA | 2016 | 5 mins | Language: English
A 2D Digital Narrative Animation Short about a being who starts to grow extra eyes.


The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo
Dir. Brian Jordan Alvarez
USA | 2016 | Web Series | English
Episode 1 of this glorious web series. A fast paced, fringe-meets-mainstream comedy following a group of young friends desperate for love and thrills.


Allergic To Flowers
Dir. Taichi Erskine
USA | 2016 | 14 mins | Language: English
Two slackers, both acquaintances from high school, and both recently dumped by their significant others, are forced to take a job together delivering flowers on Valentine's Day.


Dir. Sylvia Bush
USA | 2016 | 6 mins | Language: English
When a loner connects with a woman online, he is left wondering what happened when she stops returning his texts.


Dir. Dylan Coburn
USA | 2015 | 4 mins | Language: English
A renegade freedom fighter who lives his life on the edge, reveals his legacy, and explains his reasons to live.... and die.


'64 Surrender
Dir. Christopher Lee Raby
USA | 2016 | 7 mins | Language: English
A by-the-book detective must choose between duty and love as he arrives to arrest his prime suspect.


Lost Face
Dir. Sean Meehan
USA | 2015 | 14 mins | Language: English
Subienkow is in mortal danger. The fort he and his fellow fur thieves have erected in the snow is in flames - attacked by the very tribe they enslaved to build it - now only he and Big Ivan remain. As Ivan is tortured before him Subienkow must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him. He calls over the chief, Makamuk, and begins to bargain…


Dir. Jun Bae
Japan | 2016 | 5 mins | Language: Japanese with English subs.
Follow Mercy, an 18 year-old Japanese bass player who has come to Hollywood to face his long-awaited dreams about America ― in music and porn.


Dir. Elad Tzadok
Canada | 2016 | 17 mins | Language: English
Run is a short psychodrama set in the world of Elite Triathlon. After receiving a life-altering message from his partner during preparations for a crucial late-season race,Tristan, a leading professional Triathlete, is forced to face up to traumas from his past before he can confront his new future.

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