Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Network Round Features

Saturday 8th October - Saturday 15th October


Heaven on the 4th Floor (EP1)
Dir. Singing Chen
Logline: Heaven on the 4th Floor is an anthology series centering the oriental medicine i.e. massaging, which integrates eastern, western, body, mind, social and artistic elements. With the presentation of comfort and fantasy, the audience are led into dialogues between their body and soul.


Losers of Eden
Dir. Kevin Briot
Logline: 3 storylines, each a different genre: drama, action, comedy. As a young teenager plots her escape from a run-down motel, three killers-for-hire hunt for their rightful reward after an assignment. Meanwhile, two knuckleheads attempt to solve a sudden and mysterious murder.


Seven Days
Dir. Corey Kupfer
Logline: There are infinite possibilities of circumstances one can be born into, and what persons can become. Seven Days is an anthology of seven women, a tour-de-force performance, all played by the same actress; and each woman refuses simple definition. There is no one side too strong or weak, good or bad, free or bound. A homeless teacher, wealthy housewife, single mother, social activist, polyamorist, sex worker and same-sex partner, they are seven possibilities, and one woman.


Dir. Gregoire Michel Francois
Logline: "It is set in a big apartment and it follows the daily life of a young gay couple over 7 days and the descent into depression and loneliness of one of characters"

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