Manchester Lift-Off 2017 – Local Filmmaker’s Showcase & Networking party

Local Filmmaker's Showcase & Networking party

Wednesday 29th March, 8.45 - 12.00pm
@ Texture, 67 Lever St, Manchester M1 1FL


Dir. Alex Hardy
UK | 2016 | 20mins | Language: English
Jodie Baxter is a Captain returned home from Afghanistan after being injured in a rigged booby trap that has left her scarred both physically and on a deep psychological level. She struggles to reconnect with her husband on a sexual and emotional accord and begins to realise the distance between herself and her child as her daughter hides pivotal moments of puberty that a mother should be there to support. In the middle of moving out of their Service Family Accommodation, Jodie escapes to her one place of solace, a hotel where she resides to be free and remember the past. It is there she notices and becomes obsessed with a couple, an abusive older man and a young prostitute who he humiliates and debases. Following them back to their room, Jodie enters into the situation and it is through an extreme act of violence, lust and in her eyes 'protection' she has a revelation concerning what she has experienced and what has been haunting her deep within her cognisance.


Meat on Bones
Dir. Joseph Ollman
UK | 2016 | 16mins | Language: English
A tale of strife and self discovery between a man of self imposed isolation and another content in purposeless comfort.


Duke's Pursuit
Dir. Charlie Edwards-Moss & Joe Williams
UK | 2016 | 16mins | Language: English
Duke, a sinister man with even more sinister intentions, arrives in a small town in Iceland to track down the man who wronged him.


Lost in Spring
Dir. Fred Leao Prado Wall
UK | 2016 | 12mins | Language: English
A confidence stricken seven year old, embarks upon a journey to self belief.


Dir. Rajnish Sharma
UK | 2016 | 9mins | Language: English
A Post-Apocalyptic Drama Surrounding the internal struggle of a man trying to survive in a fractured world. Barricading himself from the world, he soon has to face what he has lost.


Dir. Daniel Watts
UK | 2016 | 11mins | Language: English
Taxi drivers are the eyes and ears of a city, they see and hear it all, it’s a precarious occupation. For many Brits it’s the staple of a night out, drunkenly stumbling in and out of a taxi heading to their favourite nights in the city, letting loose, and expressing their inhibitions and darkest secrets. Cabby is a short documentary about the unique perspective of taxi drivers, unraveling the stories and characters of Manchester’s local cabby community.


The Sedate Escape
Dir. Joe Dearman
UK | 2016 | 7mins | Language: English
Comradeship, adventure and a nice cup of tea. Two heroes attempt the greatest escape since Colditz in this stop motion animated light comedy.


Return of the Hat
Dir. Alec Birkbeck
UK | 2016 | 11mins | Language: English
For years this flat-cap has enjoyed its position atop the mannequin, in perfect view of the old television in the charity shop. Every night it watches and re-watches its favourite old VHS films with its long time companion, the silk scarf. When the flat-cap or scarf are bought by someone, they must kill them to eventually be returned to the shop again, as a donation. What better way to kill people then to emulate their favourite characters in the films they watch. Once they have returned to the mannequin, the suspicious shop assistant endangers their cinematic experience by threatening to move the mannequin to face the elderly ladies wear section. They cannot let this happen.


Dir. Eldritch Knight
UK | 2016 | 1mins | Language: English
Using the inspiration of cultural ribbon dances and ribbon gymnastics, Ribbons is an abstract dreamlike animation that uses ribbons as a focus for multiple meanings that could describe the human condition and more…Through the interaction of music and motion, ribbons perform. Alternating between the flow of ribbon movement and figurative contemporary dance, culminating in an explosive finale.The main underlying themes for the film are feelings of freedom and fluidity coupled with conformity and chaos and the interaction between all of these things as they evolve, finally becoming one as a representation of self or greater unity.Focusing on the colours red and blue as the main ‘characters’ the colours represent many things: Energy & Calm; Desire & Wisdom; Passion & Order amongst other emotions while the purple ‘character’ of their merging signifies a coming-together-as-one whilst representing Creativity, Individuality, Spirituality and Mystery amongst others.


Dir. Neville Pierce
UK | 2016 | 10mins | Language: English
A widow’s attempts to find love are ruined when the ghost of her cheating dead husband gatecrashes her dates... Widowed artist Rebecca (Alice Lowe, SIGHTSEERS, PREVENGE) is looking for new love. But her dinner dates are ruined when the ghost of her cheating dead husband Nigel (Christien Anholt, RELIC HUNTER) decides to interfere. Can Rebecca exorcise Nigel’s ghost? Or will the relentless spirit keep her trapped in her past forever? A comedy about death, dating apps and true love, GHOSTED features a host of British actors including Jason Flemyng (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS), Richard Glover (A FIELD IN ENGLAND) and Scottish BAFTA winner David Elliot (KAJAKI: THE TRUE STORY aka KILO TWO BRAVO).

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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