Local Filmmakers Showcase & Networking

Thursday 14th March, 8.45pm - late
@ Dive NQ Bar, Tib Street / Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1SH


Boiling Point
Dir. Phil Barantini
UK | 20 mins
Synopsis: During the busy run-up to Christmas, a single-take snapshot of the immense stress and skills of a talented head chef reveals that things are about to burst behind the restaurant’s flash façade.


My Father The Martyr
Dir. Harris Alvi
UK | 15 mins
Synopsis: A disowned ex-muslim travels back to his family home after hearing terrible news. However, things have changed in his family and in his home town.


In Bloom
Dir. Jess Mone
UK | 9 mins
Synopsis: A blossom flourishes, withers and is then reborn. A personal insight into the recovery of a young girl who sustained life-altering injuries in the Manchester Arena Attack in May 2017. The filmmakers explore the ways in which the incident has affected Hannah’s life and her positivity towards her physical and emotional recovery.


Dir. Michelle Brand
UK | 4 mins
Synopsis: People come, people go - Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see.


Everything must be in the Air
Dir. Simon Brooks
UK | 15 mins
Synopsis: Everything Must Be in the Air explores the themes of death, compassion, loneliness and love through the eyes of a terminally ill man who is staying in the last hotel he will ever stay in. The film follows Albrecht Van de Qualen's final days as he comes to terms with his own mortality. He soon finds out that he won't be alone on his journey as a surreal encounter opens his eyes to long lost emotions.


Drug Runner
Dir. Charlotte Regan
UK | 7 mins
Synopsis: Phone calls, school and first arrests - the experiences of a 15 year old cocaine dealer.


Dir. Richard Prendergast
UK | 20 mins
Synopsis: A loving family set off in their car on what seems like a carefree family outing. As Mandy drives, they sing along to a favourite song, stop for ice- creams and play eye-spy. However, it gradually becomes clear that this isn’t a family outing after all, and that their destination isn’t a happy one. In fact, their destination is the house of a man, due to buy their car, and only once the car has stopped does the actuality of the narrative fully manifest.



After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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