Thursday Shorts 2

Thursday 2nd April @ 7.00pm - 8.45pm
@CULTUREPLEX, Ground Floor, Warehouse, Ducie St, Manchester, M1 2TP


Like Fireworks
Taiwan | 15 mins
Logline: "Cram school, concerts, capsule machines, arcades—Ning and Rou, the both of us, now and the future, a decade from now. The sound of fireworks—just like fireworks."


His Hand
Dir. Phillip Klimek
Austrila | 20 mins
Logline:  Hard-nosed Dora, and her mild mannered husband Ray, avenge their murdered daughter by hiring the methodical assassin Odin to kill the man responsible. They meet Odin, who tells them the job was a success, but their plan gloriously backfires when Odin presents the pair with the victims severed hand as 'definitive proof' - even though a picture would have been more than enough. Now, Dora and Ray never asked for, nor do they want the hand, but Odin, being a man of irrational principles, refuses to take it back, forcing the pair into a chaotic night evading the police, an enraged contract killer and bloodthirsty circus dogs, with the hope of finding a way to dispose of 'his' hand.


Sylvette: a Vignette
Dir. Theo Jessel
UK| 8 mins
Logline: Sylvette: a Vignette


Dir. Anna Maguire
Austrila | 19 mins
Logline:  Sacrifice' is a military love story told from a different perspective. Sacrifice follows the new life of Blake Robinson and James Hunter as they are pulled apart by forces out of their control. A heart breaking look into the Sacrifices all people make no matter where this may lie.


On in 15
Dir. Joseph Archer
UK | 15 mins
Logline: A knockout show ... with a knocked out frontman. A band are about to perform at the biggest gig of their lives, except a monumental problem hits them 15 minutes before they go on stage, can they fix it time? The comedy short film, set in the 1990s 'Cool Britannia' era, is filmed in one 15-minute continuous shot..


In Passing
Dir. Esther Cheung
Canada | 4 mins
Logline:  A portrait of seventies Hong Kong as my parents remember it


Sun town
Dir. Kieran Panchal
UK | 10 mins
Logline:  Looking at a small town that is not fed sun light for over 6 months each year.


Dir. Allison Miller
USA | 12.5 mins
Logline:  A young woman coped with chronic pain via unconventional means while searching for a cure, but the cure presents a new and gruesome reality.


After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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