Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - UK Shorts

Saturday 26th March


Burn on Arrival
Dir. Owen Gower
Logline: Christmas, 1995. As Scotland reels from a devastating loss of industry, a man is trapped in an escalating nightmare.
Forced to follow a series of bizarre and deadly instructions contained in red envelopes, he is soon stranded in the snowy wastes of the Scottish Highlands - his fate bound to a stranger he finds caught in the same


A Calmer Place
Dir. David Warren
Logline:  A wild swimmer tells the story of his struggle of dealing with his mental health during the lockdowns. After access to wild spaces was taken away it became more difficult to deal with the anxieties he faced. With the lockdown came a new appreciation and understanding of the importance of being able to be alone in wild spaces and out in the water.


Dir. Kirsty McLean
Logline: Just where do cats get all their entitlement from? A five minute monologue piece about a young woman’s experience of sexual assault on the local night bus.


The Rebirthing Club
Dir. Valentina Carrasco Thayer
Logline: David Adams is a young man who has voluntarily closed his eyes to avoid heartbreak. After life has dealt him so many failed loves, he decides to face his trauma by undergoing a particular therapy that takes place in a swimming pool.
He will be a witness and participant in the therapies of a group of others trying to rid themselves of their fears. As the trainer takes them to their extremes, they will relive their fears and engage in feuds, whilst their bonds of trauma lead them to an unexpected ending.
Follow David as he recounts his memories with the Rebirthing Club.


This Is Just An Interval
Dir. Matthew Boone
Logline: A short documentary looking at the continuing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the UK live music industry.


Fish Out of Water
Dir. Jacob Melling
Logline: 'Fish' feels like she's drowning, and her usual lifejacket of cheap wine and flapjacks isn't working. But it's her best friends birthday party.. she's picked up the cake, all she has to do now is get ready and go...'Fish Out of Water' is a spoken word Short Film about friendship, anxiety and the ocean.


Dir. Emily Smith
Logline: A girl's playtime turns sour with the disruption of an outside eye.


'Who's Counting?'
Dir. Ben Lankester
Logline: 'Who's Counting?' tells the story of a couple as they endure the pain and trauma of successive miscarriages.

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