Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival 2023 - Network Round Shorts

Wednesday 12th April - Wednesday 19th April


Land Mine
Dir. Darren Statman
Logline: Land Mine takes place in the immediate aftermath of the liberation of the Nazi Death Camps of Europe in the late summer of 1945. It’s a story inspired by the testimonial witness of the survivors of those camps and is a tribute to all those who have suffered as a result of violence and oppression in society, both in the past and now in present day in Ukraine and elsewhere. Land Mine and Samuel represent a symbol of hope for all people displaced by war and who have suffered by acts of violence and racial hatred and it is a living reminder of the arrogance and cruelty of power.


Short Stay, Long Stay
Dir. Danny Carter
Logline:Two men work in rival car parks in a city that's quickly changing around them. They learn the news that their jobs no longer exist, and have one final week to say a proper goodbye.


A Mosaic of All Possible Greens
Dir. Rosie Robinson
Logline: Claire and Sylvie strengthen their friendship and grieve their friend through making a film.


Dirs. Spencer Allred, Lindsey Watson
Logline: A new mother who works as a popular relaxation artist decides to go live for her online fans in an attempt to ignore her innermost feelings. During the session, she's forced to confront her own terrifying demons regarding her new role in life. Part drama, part horror "Whisper" is a moving and terrifying examination of what it means to be responsible for another living thing.


Dir. Connor Kinsey
Logline: Radiated dust has consumed humanity, a lone survivor must confront death in order to find salvation.


The Deportation of a Model Citizen
Dir. Jacob Thomas Pilgaard
Logline: Two police officers are to pick up Aida, a young well-integrated student, from her foster mom and escort her to the airport where she is to be deported back to Syria.
A touching and hard-hitting drama created with inspiration from a true story about a Syrian refugee.


Unto Midnight
Dir. Callum Wilkins
Logline: An anti-war exploration of the filmmaker's experience with recurring nightmares about a potential nuclear apocalypse, through the lens of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Big Boys Don't Cry
Dir. Oscar Elliott Faulkner Bell
Logline: Adam is a young man struggling with his mental health, particularly with deep insecurities about his appearance. The film follows the struggle all men share in opening up and being vulnerable.


The Bus to the Afterlife
Dir. Chloe Morris
Logline: An animated short film exploring life, death, and mental health.
This film takes the everyday setting of a bus stop and uses it as a space to discuss death; something that affects us all, but many people find difficult to talk about. The Bus to the Afterlife follows the emotional journey of someone facing a mental health crisis. The people they meet while waiting for the bus help them realise that even in our darkest moments, our existence can have meaning


Dir. Edie Moles
Logline: Emotional time-bomb Norman tells us a story about tenderness, empathy and human connection in Underbelly. In almost microscopic view, the film takes a look at how one young man’s life is deeply affected by his sister’s lack of access to abortion. The audience are ripped from their seats into one day in his life - feeding a newborn baby one minute, slicing a pork underbelly at the local butchers the next.


Three Women
Dir. Tamsin Stokoe


A Day In The Life
Dir. James Oates
Logline: When one of his best friends makes a life changing announcement, Pats normality is turned upside down.

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