Local Filmmakers Showcase

Saturday 1st December, 8.45pm - 10.30pm
@ Backlot Studios, 65 Haig St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia


Dir. Bruce Gladwin
Australia | 28 mins
Synopsis: Des and Tam are members of a clean-up crew in a strange toxic wasteland. It’s a lousy job, but it’s the best they can get, and it may just get them what they want. When they stumble upon what may be the wasteland’s last human survivor, these determined but lowly Level 7s will have to decide between saving humanity or saving themselves. ODDLANDS is a story about two unlikely heroes who manage to find a little hope in the strangest of places. The question is, what will they do when they find it?


Little Joe
Dir. Ned Donohoe
Australia | 17 mins
Synopsis: In this documentary portrait a misfit country kid recalls coming of age in Australia’s emergent rave scene. Joe’s transition from ‘party drugs’ to decades of addiction doesn’t temper fond and vivid memories of the infamous ‘Melbourne Underground’ of the early 1990s.


Dir. Catherine Bonny
Australia | 15 mins
Synopsis: Struggling to survive life in a colony on a foreign planet, a young woman is drawn to the ocean by a sinister creature that promises to help her, but at a terrifying cost.


INVIGORATE - A Street Art Documentary
Dir. Michael Ridley
Australia | 9 mins
Synopsis: A mini-documentary that dares to delve deep into the flourishing world of street art in Melbourne, Australia. Interviewing an experienced artist, Goodie, this film aims to portray street art in a different light, showing its potential to re-purpose spaces and glorify the urban world.


Remi My People
Dir. Harry Deadman
Australia | 4 mins
Synopsis: This video goes out to family. Whether blood or not. This video goes out to all the cats who have held me down and rode with me through whatever. This video goes out to all the people who have had their identities written for them and are in the process of reclaiming their narrative. This video goes out to my black family who were there through every step of this process; creating, supporting and sharing. This video goes out to my extended family who helped to bring our creativity to light. This video was made by a community for community and I take very little credit for how it came together.


Dir. Laura Groombridge
Australia | 10 mins
Synopsis: A man tangled in the violent criminal world of bare knuckle fighting pursues a misguided attempt at redemption.


Serving Joy
Dir. Martin Sharpe
Australia | 14 mins
Synopsis: The table is set, the roast is cooked to perfection, and the soufflés are rising as high as Joy's blood pressure for the most important dinner party of her life. As the wine begins to flow and facades drop, buried secrets rise closer to the surface and the painful veneer of middle class decorum begins to crack. Keep it together Joy, we're all watching.


After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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