Shorts Programme 1

Wednesday 27th November, 9.30pm - 11.00pm
@ The Backlot Studios, 65 Haig St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia


Dir. Leena Pendharkar
USA | 21 mins
Logline: After getting fired, young single-mom Beth (Vivian Kerr) finds herself living in her car and struggles to hide her homelessness from her estranged brother Ben (Anthony Rapp).


The Road
Dir. Samantha Chisari
Canada | 16 mins
Logline: Running from tragedy, Matt drives away from the only home he’s ever known. On a lonely stretch of road, he’s forced to come to terms with what’s happened to his Brother Tom and whether or not he’s strong enough to turn around and face his fears.


Dir. Zita Hanrot
France | 14 mins
Logline: On the day of their grandmother’s funeral, Sacha gathers her cousins to write a tribute to her, but nothing will happen as planned…


My First Kiss
Dir. Panfred Reed
Australia | 5 mins
Logline: "Young Love can be mind blowing" April embarks on one of the most treacherous and exciting journeys of her young life, her first kiss!


The Hunted
Dir. Benn Jae
New Zealand | 20 mins
Logline: Violet is an independent, artistic and spirited woman feeling modern pressure to commit to a relationship. She has been involved in a passionate love affair with Mac who, while being the man of her dreams, has shown some disturbing signs of deep emotional trauma. Violet must fight for her life before his desire to control her snuffs out her precious light.


The Cunning Man
Dir. Zoë Dobson
UK | 13 mins
Logline: The Cunning Man is inspired by a real Cunning Man, John Harries (c.1785 - 1839). It's an enchanted tale of compassion in the face of callous greed.


After each film there will be a minute-long break, during which we invite the audience to complete scorecards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audience's response.

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