Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 - Network Round Shorts

Friday 11th December - Sunday 20th December


Dir. Ez Eldin Deng
Logline: Moza, a 20-year-old South Sudanese migrant wants to sing his rap song to his friends and the African youth who are undermined by frequent negative news reports which have influenced the wider community and resulted in increased racism, suspicion and lateral violence against African residents. But on this day his dreams of finding his voice are sorely tested!


Dir. Alex Laird
Logline: Nick just can’t take a trick. On the outside it looks like he’s doing well: house in the suburbs; perfect family; perfect job; nice car; investments. But there’s financial pressures associated with being wealthy, and his kid is showing behavioural issues, and his in-laws are coming over tomorrow, and that growing group of homeless people living in tents on the park near his investment property are threatening to drive down prices... Oh, and he’s just been involved in a devastating crime. But that’s, like, the least of his worries.


Ofeina'o Lesieli
Dir. Shannon Robinson
Logline: 'Ofeina'o Lesieli is a documentary short film set in the capital city of Nuku'alofa which takes place in the Kingdom of Tonga - A tropical country situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This idyllic, tropical country is often coined ‘The Friendly Islands’ due to the hospitality and charm of its residents. Here we spend a day in the life of Lesieli, a bright and loveable young Tongan woman living with Down Syndrome.


Behind the Post
Dir. Nicole Georgiou
Logline: A short documentary exploring the reality behind being an instagram influencer, looking at the tolls it takes on mental health and having a positive body image.


Esports Ready
Dir. Vincent Furfaro
Logline: Summer is a streamer who plays video games and draws to a small online audience. She is offered a spot on a competitive esports team however, her family aren't very happy about the idea.


Death Cafe
Dir. Austin Salt-Cowell
New Zealand
Logline: A short documentary exploring the bizarre, yet supportive role of a Death Cafe, where strangers meet to discuss all forms of life and death, to form some closure about their recently-departed loved-ones.


Dir. Ben McFadyen
Logline: Newly released Indigenous short film tells untold stories of the Wave Hill Walk-off and the Gurindji people while also revealing the true significance of the iconic song From Little Things Big Things Grow. NGUMPIN KARTIYA - Untold Stories of the Gurindji and the Wave Hill Walk-off is a film produced by the Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation, Freedom Day Festival and These Wild Eyes. Released on August 23, this 17-minute documentary film looks at a proud and sometimes difficult past, and also celebrates a bright and better future./em>


Dir. Edward Hartely Tom, Vanessa Cox
Logline: Set in a dystopian war torn society, Resistance is the story of a young girl, Anna, who begins to question her surroundings and those around her. She asks, 'Is it better to live scared or die free?'


Present Images
Dir. Oskar Weimar
Logline: When Emma hires Seb to photograph her professionally, Seb takes its seriously. He aims for perfection, erases every blemish and shapes every curve. But in the end, who is manipulating who?

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