Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 - Network Round Shorts

Friday 16th December - Thursday 22nd December


Gut Instinct
Dir. Stuart Edgeworth
Logline: Cold, alone and time is running out...A young woman wakes to find herself waist deep in ice and cuffed in place. She doesn't know how she got there, but she knows she needs to get out. Fast.Struggling to break free, it becomes clear that the situation she's in is more complicated than first appears, but escape might be just within reach…


We Wanted To Make a SCI-FI movie
Dir. Yves Whissell
Logline:Filmmaker David B. Ricard and choreographer Menka Nagrani embark on the journey of making a dance-fiction film with roughly twenty actor-dancers who have Down's syndrome. From the idea’s conception through to shooting the film, the process is rich in lessons both artistic and human.


Lucky Boy.
Dir. Jack Michel
Logline: Meg, early 20's, is forced to face bleak circumstance as her love, Boyden, is diagnosed with an acute cancerous neurofibroma, growing steadily at the base of his jawline. With only a short time to ready themselves, Meg and Boy prepare for a surgery that could have debilitating consequences. A dark-comedy about youth, love, cancer… and pink bed-socks.


EBE Memory
Dir. Robert Ian MacBride
New Zealand
Logline: A group of ordinary men wind up together after something inexplicable transpires. -from imdb


Home Truths
Dir. Lesley Coleman
Logline: Eight actors tell their story about surviving family violence. This story is both universal and deeply personal.


Dir. Lin Tam
Logline: Friendship is the story of two childhood friends who bond together despite their different personalities and ethnicities. The short film spans their lifelong journey and portrays how they sustain their connection through challenges, celebrations, and the test of time.


Riley Concannon: Jewellery Artist
Dir. Gosia Sum
Logline: Riley Concannon is a jewellery artist based in Sydney, Australia. He chooses not to define his work. Instead, his fascination with time, found objects and natural environment inspires him to craft one of a kind pieces, each one telling a different story on its own. Riley appreciates the passing of time that marks the environment around him. He mindfully surrounds himself with objects and experiences which represent that world, and aims to channel the memory and importance of it through his work. Riley's calm narration of his process and thinking is accompanied by equally carefully crafted and immersive visuals, editing and music.


Dir. Sean Maddox
Logline: Keali'i is a theatrical artist with influences from 80s dance music, punk rock and K-pop.


Ukulele Man
Dir. Seth Bee-Hickman
Logline: After the romantic falling out between a Hippie and a Ukulele, a lost man must rediscover how to enjoy life alone.

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