Created by Nicole Jones-Dion

The Writer

Nicole Jones-Dion is an LA-based screenwriter who specializes in genre films. Her credits include the YA sci-fi film STASIS (from the executive producer of CLOUD ATLAS); THEY FOUND HELL for the SyFy Channel; DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE (starring Academy Award-winner Jon Voight); and TEKKEN 2: KAZUYA'S REVENGE (based on the best-selling video game series).

She currently has projects in development with Randy Greenberg (THE MEG) and Alice Neuhauser (LIMITLESS), among others.

About the project

Logline: A small-time criminal accidentally kills his own doppelgänger - a secret agent for a group of
inter-dimensional spies - and must now take his place on a parallel Earth in order to stop
technology smugglers from destroying the multiverse.