Pernilla's Gift

A script by Carmel Joyce

The Writer

For the past 20 years, Philip has paved a successful career in the film and television industry as an actor, appearing in shows like Band of Brothers (2001),
Humans (2018), and the upcoming Chernobyl (2019). In 2018, he made the transition into directing with Seconds Out (2018), bringing everything he has learned in front of the camera to his creative process.

Boiling Point is very much representative of Philip’s incredible upward trajectory as a director. The decision to shoot with such a large cast and in a single
shot for his second ever short reflects his drive as a creative force. Since successfully completing the project, he has gone on to direct his third short,
Spanish Pigeon (2019), and is currently deep in production on his first feature, Villain (2019), which stars Craig Fairbrass and Robert Glenister.

About the project

PERNILLA’S GIFT is the true though dramatised story of a Swedish mother, Pernilla, and of the trials and tribulations she encounters before, during and after rearing a son who becomes a bosun (boatswain/boatman). It's sequel is THE BOSUN feature screenplay, which has also won international awards. Combined scripts have the potential of developing into a TV mini-series.