A project by Nikki Wallin & Mika Deneige

The Director

Canadian born, Shannon Kohli started her film career at UBC, where she studied the many diverse aspects of filmmaking and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

Shannon is currently signed with Michael Kolodny at Kaplan Stahler Agency in LA for representation as a writer and director.

She directed her first television episode on the TV series "THE MAGICIANS" for NBC/UCP/SYFY. Her career quickly continued with an episode of "SHADOWHUNTERS","RIVERDALE", and CW's "SUPERGIRL".

In addition to her work as an episodic director, Shannon recently completed her first feature "ALL JOKING ASIDE". The film stars Brian Markinson and Rayleen Howard in a feel-good comedy about a young African American woman making her way through the world of stand-up comedy.

Her most recent gigs have found her directing hit NETFLIX series "YOU" and "DIRTY JOHN", both shot in Los Angeles.

As a director, Shannon wants to focus on bringing womens' lives, issues, and successes to screen.

The Writer

Nikki was always terrified of scary movies growing up. Even though she didn't watch them, it didn't stop scary things from showing up in her dreams. One day she woke up from one such dream and decided to make something from it. She started the production company KENKOSEI and made her first short film.

At the beginning of her filmmaking career, Nikki ran two successful crowdfunding campaigns totalling $16,000, which helped bring her projects to life.

Her first short, Rebuild, had her teaming up with rising director SHANNON KOHLI. Their short went on to win awards and screen all over the world, warming up audiences for the next step, the feature.

Nikki continues to build her reputation as a producer and writer with her second short, CHLOE, about a female murderer on death row. This production will be directed by MAJA ARO and starring THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE superstars CHELAH HORSDAL and JOEL DE LA FUENTE.

Nikki enjoys creating unpredictable, gut-punching movies that makes audiences stir in their seats and leave them wanting more.

About the project

Rebuild (the short) made its way into the festival circuit September 2019. So far, the teaser film
has gained 10 nominations and won 5 awards including “Best Horror Short.” Interest has been
growing from audiences and filmmakers alike, with a common reaction, “Is there more?”
Rebuild (the feature film) was one of 6 projects selected to participate in the Whistler Film Festival Producers Lab facilitated by Harold Greenburg Fund President, John Galway. This opened an invitation to compete in this years power pitch at WFF with judges from Elevation films and CBC.