Surviving as an actor in the independent film landscape


Lessons from Cannes
Charlie Kaufman | Screenwriters' Lecture

BAFTA: How to Pitch


Show Don't tell


BAFTA: Craft of Comedy Entertainment | Masterclass


Rupert Graves How to make a indie Sci Fi w/Dan Fitzsimmons, Giles Alderson & Dan Richardson
Stanley Kubrick: The rare 1966 Interview of a 37 year old Kubrick


Fast and Cheap Lessons learned for the no budget feature film

BAFTA: Screenwriters Lecture
Find the emotional core of your screenplay!
How to work with a Music Composer

Eden Orfanos, Hollywood Make-up Artist and Art therapist
Aaron Sorkin: Screenwriting Masterclass
IFH: How to Production Design your Indie Film on the Cheap

How to Write a Screenplay with Fight Club Screenwriter

How to shoot a sundance hit on your iphone!
Insider Tips on Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Why now is the time to make your Doc Short

How to make indie horror films get investors on board with the dark beacon team
How to make guardians a micro budget indie film win awards get a cinema release

The difference between showrunning and directing just shoot it

IFH: Directing Actors and how to become an Actor's Director
Making a Indie Heist Movie

Film versus Digital Cinematography

Shooting and Editing the non-scripted feature
Graphic Design in Film and Television

Andy Kennedy on Post Production Sound

How Post-Production Makes or Breaks a Film P1: Editor's Process
How Post-Production Makes or Breaks a Film P1: Art of Colourists

Mixing Principles of Film Making and Business

BAFTA: Business of Creativity
Miles Teller on making sports movies and enjoying the film process

Mixing Principles of Film Making and Business

Grant Montgomery & Mary Wainwright on Designing a TV show
Changes in Film Aesthetic since the Golden Age

The Craft of film editing screen talk with Yorgos Mavropsaridis

Sound Designer and Film Editor- Walter Murch
Interview with Baby  Driver Sound Editor Julian Slater

Aspen 2014 Screenwriters Panel


Inspiration for Filmmakers Podcast Present with Giless Alderson Christian James
How to go from Short Films to Features with Deborah Haywood, Giles Anderson and Julian Kostov

Renting Gear and Overcoming your Mental Block

Shooting Comedy with Style with Key Peele Direcotr Peter Atencio Just Shoot it
How to Pitch

What a Cinematographer looks for in a Director

How long should your short film be?

Tapping into your audience and selling your Indie film

How to Make a Historical "Swords and Sandals" Epic

How to make a Period Indie Film

How YouTube and Instagram are competiting for your videos

What you can do in distribution to maximise the life of your film

How marketable is your film idea or screenplay?

Maria Djurkovic: Bafta Production Masterclass

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