How to Connect Your Creativity with Audiences & the Global Market Place to Secure Distribution


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✔ Free Submissions to the Network
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✔ Connect with Sales Agents and Distributors
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What is it?

Production Accelerator is a 5-week online course with free Professional membership to the Lift-Off Global Network. It teaches you how to develop your creativity and connect with the international market.

Network Membership

Production Accelerator Members receive free Professional Membership to the Lift-Off Network for one year, this entitles them to free submissions to all Lift-Off events, and free tickets to all festivals, showcases and Network parties.

Who is it for?

Production Accelerator is for indie creatives who want to learn how to develop their professional career to a position where they can connect their work with the market and ultimately generate a revenue from their creativity.

How does it work?

You complete the modules, work on the action items, and use the tools to develop your career in your own time. Support is available via the Network Hub, and when you are ready, you can connect your work with the Network.

When does it start?

Production Accelerator is an online course, and it starts as soon as you are ready! The modules are split into 5 weeks, but in reality, the learning will be life long. You can complete it in your own time, and you get lifetime access.

Why does it exist?

Production Accelerator evolved from the collective wisdom of the best examples of success from the Lift-Off Global Network. Film schools often neglect to educate their students on the practical realities of connecting with audiences and the market place. Lift-Off has grown to fill that void.


The Lift-Off Network is an energetic community of filmmakers worldwide. Creativity is hard to maintain when you do not have a support Network helping you break through your creative barriers. Get inspired, collaborate and be challenged to create the best work that you can make. Then do it all over again.


Learn from the best examples of successes from the Lift-Off Network. Regular events help you connect with what other people are up to, work through any creative issues in your work, and connect you to the broader Network. Most importantly, you can find the support that you need to see you through to creating your best work.

Here's how it works

As Kubrik said, "The best education in film is to make one". But to progress your career to a point where you are creating work of a high enough quality to resonate with audiences and connect with the global market place effectively is quite a challenge. Production Accelerator fills in the gaps left behind by film school and provides a global support Network, to empower the grassroots creative.


The best examples of the success from the Network have been broken down and systemised. Follow practical step-by-step instructions and track your progress. Move beyond 'thinking' that your work is ready for the market, to absolutely knowing.


The independent film world is changing. New technologies are disrupting old systems and processes. Make sure that you stay ahead of the curve, and harness the power of digital marketing strategies when your work is ready.


Your work needs to be of the highest standard possible if you are going to leap into the professional sphere. The Network will challenge you creatively, and you will learn from the best examples of Independent film.


Leverage the power of Network membership. Free submissions to festivals, showcases. Your Network membership connects you and your work to the broader Network. Attend exclusive member's parties, join in the Q&A sessions, attend pitching workshops; there is an abundance of ways to establish yourself.

Production Accelerator Course Content

5 Weeks from Hopeless Creative to Creative Professional. Here's how.

Week 1 - Resonating Your Ideas With the World

Welcome to the Lift-Off Production Accelerator. It's great to have you on board!

In this module, we introduce you to the Lift-Off Network and the training portal. This is the beginning of a remarkable journey together, and we lay out the Network's challenge to you to be great and to make great work.

In this video, we cover:

 Introduction to the Training Portal
 General Housekeeping
 Important Things to Remember
 Pitfalls to Watch out For
 30 thousand ft: Overview of the production accelerator
 Overview of Your Network Membership
 The Only Three Things That Matter

Your Vision & Mission are the bedrock of your creativity. They are what give your work meaning and what will ultimately keep you focused and motivated.

All of your creative endeavours should align with your ultimate goal. What change to do you want to affect in the world? In other words, why should the market care about your work?

In this video, we cover:

 Overview of Week 1
 Creating the Career That You Want
 Why Your Vision and Mission Are Crucial
 What Is Your Vision? Defining the Future You Want
 What Is Your Mission? Defining How You’ll Get There
 Crafting Your Mission Statement

Connecting your story and making it land on an audience is vital to your creative career. In this video, we take a look at what it is exactly that makes a project resonate and how you can begin to do this in your own projects.

In this video, we cover:

→ The Network Effect: Connecting Your Work to an Audience
→ Creative Service: Shifting Your Priority to the Audience
→ Defining Your Audience
→ Story Resonance Through Structure
→ The Secret Weapon of Audience-Story Resonance

Learning how to learn is one of the greatest tools that you can have in your life. In this training module, we take a look at exactly this.

Developing your creative processes consciously lets you dramatically improve as an artist, quickly.

This process will shift your focus from 'Am I good enough?' to 'How do I get better?'

In this video, we cover:

 The Enemy of Creativity
 Defining Your Creative Map
 Developing New Creative Theories
 Testing New Creative Theories
 Connecting Your Work With an Audience

Following on from the last lesson, in this video, we take a look at some of the key lessons from the Lift-Off Network and look at ideas that you can start to implement inside of your own creative map.

These are constantly emerging patterns that have been observed over the years from the Lift-Off judges. We are ultimately dealing with the question. 'What separates a good film from a 'bad' film'

In this video, we cover:

 Recap of Week 1
 Economics of Storytelling
 Playing the state
 The heart of the story

Worksheets and Q&A calls, support your learning and connect you with the Network.

In this module, we take a look at the habits required to take over the world. Right now there are filmmaking teams across the planet producing content that will metaphorically take over the world.

So why not you?

In this video, we cover:

 Advancing in the Right Direction
 Time Management
 Cultivating Unbreakable Focus
 Self Awareness & the Patterns to Your Success
 Developing Self Discipline

In this module, we take a look at the steps and practical tools required to strategically plan out your road forward.

In this video, we cover:

 Planning Projects
 Prioritising Projects
 Relentless Project Execution
 Principles for Effective Planning and Execution

Most people worry that they don’t know the right people. Turn this weakness into a strength.

In this video, we cover:

 Introducing Your Lorem Opus - Your ‘Launch Project’
 Building Your Circle of Influence
 Identifying Talent
 Working with Talented and Creative People

Why is it when the cookie comes to be crunched, we sometimes get fearful or find ourselves procrastinating?

Worksheets and Q&A calls, support your learning and connect you with the Network.

The world of independent filmmaking is undergoing a radical shift. Stay on top of the trend and empower yourself.

In this video, we cover:

 Overview of Week 3
 Collecting and Nurturing Contacts
 Festivals Screenings
 Private screenings
 Screening Online
 Marketing Your Screenings

Ideas are worthless. Developing ideas is where the magic happens.

In this module, we take a look at a system developed by the Network to generate ideas, test them with outside input and develop them into fully-fledged projects, ready for pre-production.

In this video, we cover:

 The Importance of Validating Your Ideas
 Developing Your Ideas
 Loglines & Treatments
 The ‘Greenlighting’ System
 Working Towards Your Lorem Opus

Utilising digital strategies early on in your career is a powerful way to pour fuel on the fire, and ignite the sparks of your career.

In this module, we take a look at digital strategies to take attention from your audiences and professional networks and put it onto your works.

In this video, we cover:

 Your Digital Presence & Collecting Contacts - Website and Email
 Social Media Machines - Setting up LinkedIn & Facebook
 10 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Work/Career
 Nurturing Contacts into Fans

Gathering Feedback from the Lift-Off Gloal Network and beyond.

Worksheets and Q&A calls, support your learning and connect you with the Network.

In this module, we take a look at how the global film market functions: what are the systems and process that bind everything together? And, most importantly, what does this knowledge mean to you and your career? In this video, we cover:  The Industry: a 30 Thousand Foot View  Connecting with Talent Agents  Connecting with Distributors  Connecting with Sales Agents  The Market: The Exploitation of a Film

Correctly packaging and positioning your projects ultimately means increased eyeballs on your work and more chances of it achieving the funding or the partnerships that you are aiming for.

In this module, we take a look at ways that you can creatively package, and pitch your projects for the market.

In this video, we cover:

 Packaging Your Projects
 A View Towards the Market
 Pitching Your Projects

There is nothing easy about raising money. This is the number one reason that people think stands in their way.

In this module, we take a look at ways to stop this.

In this video, we cover:

 The (basic) Hollywood method  (large budgets, with names)
 Industry Partnerships
 Film Funds
 Crowd Funding
 Executive Producers

In the final module for week 4, we take a look at what is required to produce your launch piece - a product that you will connect with audiences, the wider industry, and that you have positioned to generate revenue and launch your career.

The name of the game is: how do you produce the highest quality product, for the least sunk cost, and beat Hollywood at their own game?

In this video, we cover:

 Overview of Course so Far
 Working Towards Your Lorem Opus
 Scheduling for Efficiency
 Budget for a $1million Feature Film
 Delivering Your Lorem Opus

Worksheets and Q&A calls, support your learning and connect you with the Network.

What might a distribution deal look like? We begin week 5 with an overview of the current distribution landscape and take a look at the emerging trends in an everchanging world.

In this video, we cover:

 The Foundations of the Distribution Deal
 Changing Models in a Shifting Landscape
 Costs and Income of a $1m Independent Feature
 A View Towards the Future

How can you guarantee distribution? This might sound like an unrealistic superlative. But unless you can ensure distribution on some level, what are you going to do if a deal doesn't emerge?

In this video, we cover:

 Setting Your Foundations First
 A Roadmap to Distribution
 Guaranteeing Your Distribution
 Creative Distribution Case-studies

Worksheets and Q&A calls, support your learning and connect you with the Network.

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