New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 - Network Round Features

Wednesday 5th - Wednesday 19th August


Paradise Hotel
Dir. Daniel Rehder
Logline:  In the middle of the Peruvian desert lies an extravagant hotel filled with endless competitive activities and entertainers, it’s the resort where everyone goes for Summer. Amongst them the introverted Guillermo battles to overcome his lack of confidence in the shadow of the school bully to win the heart of the girl of his dreams.


Dir. Taryn Ashlee Kalish & Liliane Laborde-Edozien
Logline: Located in one of the world's most dangerous areas, in a region where drugs and gangs dominate, a team of young girls come together against all odds to battle their last chance at winning the National Drum majorette championships.


Mumbaiyya -The Daring Mumbaikar
Dir. Abdur Rahim Derby
Logline: Arhaan a young,dynamic personality who lives in Mumbai, is a dare devil, lives a lavish life , unquestioned due to his standard and impressions,a Knight Hawk partying Rowdy.He earns this exotic living by unlawful means.


A Lost Song:The Mystery Man
Dir. Kyle Driva
Logline: Filmed in different locations throughout the NorthEast, Kyle Driva’s film A Lost Song: The Mystery Man takes place in the early 2000’s when music sharing was beginning to take form. A local musician (played by Chris Goodwin), plays the same club every week where his childhood friend, Sasha (played by Emily Whitlow), works. Set to music of local independent musicians, this film follows the heartaches and successes of a new career that are intertwined with loss and friendships. A Lost Song: The Mystery Man gives us a reminder of the excitement of music, as well as the turmoil that it may bring.


Hawks Ridge
Dir. Foster Solomon
Logline: A microcosm of current events, Hawks Ridge is the story of a black, grieving ex-pastor who ponders whether to save the life of the white man who killed his wife.


Dir. Marcus Flemmings
Logline: Struggling British queer female artist, Anna, is witness to a tragic event and consequently becomes a revered artist. But should she stop at the height of success or just end it there?


Urban Ninja
Dir. Artie Shaw
Logline: “Urban Ninja” is an action-comedy web series about a businessman, Jay “Shodan” Shaw, whose unexpected encounter with two assassins makes him consider whether or not he's really out of the crime fighting game for good.

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