New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2023 - Network Round Features

Wednesday 2nd August - Wednesday 9th August


Dir. Rikiya Mimuro
Logline: The movie "Sampaguita" is a love story based on a true story.
Emilia from Philippines.
Ever since she was young, she has admired Japanese culture and fashion. She got her visa went to Japan, become a model at the same time work part-timely in Philippine pub.
she spend her days auditioning and taking lessons. Her earnings from part time job we’re sending to her sick grandmother.


Green Grass
Dir. Ignacio Ruiz
Logline: Makoto, a 30-year-old Japanese businessman, wakes up and finds himself on a beach he’s never seen. As he struggles to get out of the strange place, he meets peculiar characters who help him understand that he is, actually, already dead like them. His father Kiyoshi is deeply saddened by his loss. He and his son have had a fallout and now all he has is regret. The distance and pain makes them forgive their guilts and find a way to make peace with their pasts, giving them a final chance to meet each other even in different realities.


Dir. Malcolm Carter
Logline: Mala comes home after a five year absence to work with young homeless teenagers but she has other plans for them. Until she meets a young wild wanna-be-rapper, that challenges her plans on everything.


The insurer
Dir. Antoine van Scherpenzeel
Logline: A young women, fraud agent, needs to pair up with an ex-agent to investigate on a possible fraudster. Unintentionally, they will be forced to help the fraudster to save an innocent person.

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