Paris Lift-Off 2017 – Shorts programme 1

Shorts programme 1

Monday 30th October, 6.45 - 8.45pm
@ Le Lucernaire, 53 Rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris, France


Off Path
Dir. Julie Jouve, Rida Belghiat
France | 27 mins
Florie, a young mother living on Reunion Island, takes part in the "Diagonale des Fous" (The Madman's Diagonal), a world famous ultra-marathon race. For three gruelling days and nights, she runs across the mountains of her island, inspired to push herself to her limits. But Florie is no average runner: she must also face up to the demons of her past.


Dancing Dream Hall
Dir. Richard Ducros
China | 10 mins
Rules had changed. The modern society is going faster and faster and has forgotten the patience of the old traditions. These values mixed with the new creativity is the key to keep craftsmanship safe, and particularly wood crafts. Genworks factory tries to combine the inheritance of the masters of wood crafts and the new generation inspiration. Teaching and practice is the keyword to protect the knowledge and innovate.


Dir. Rafael Lopez
Switzerland | 7 mins
A man lost in a world of appearances, finds himself confronted with the impact of his own image.


In Confidence
Dir. Clara Vorfeld
France | 9 mins
Emma and Jean have been together for years. All their first times are past them - their first love, first sorrow... That’s until their 16 year-old daughter goes through her first heartbreak, causing for the couple to remember all those feelings they thought they had forgotten...


The Island
Dir. Darrell Lee Hall
France | 4 mins
In a world where mankind finds itself immersed in artificial paradises via virtual reality, a young woman tries to make sense of the present in order to find her lost love.


Dir. Mark S Wright
UK | 3 mins
A sensory experience exploring the stigma surrounding PTSD.


Dir. Andreas Feix
Germany | 7 mins
After being subjected to a cataclysmic meteorite impact, a small dinosaur attempts to battle the horrific aftermath both physically & psychologically. A tale about life, death & rebirth, told from a unique, prehistoric perspective.


Dir. Kevin Soirat, Andreas Bernal
France | 13 mins
Like every single day, Luigi - the owner of the clandestine bar Luigi’s - informs his costumers of the imminent closure. However, at the far end of the room a shady costumer doesn’t seem to be willing to leave. Strangely quiet, eating his meal, he doesn’t pay attention to the bartender.


Dir. Vincent Fitz-Jim
Netherlands | 14 mins
Boudewijn, a 55-year-old man, is about to meet Robin. Robin is 25, that’s all Boudewijn knows of him. The excitement of not knowing what’s coming turns him on. But nothing is what is seems.

After each film there will be a 2 minute break, during which we invite the audience to complete score cards. The cards go towards the scoring of the films and are sent directly to the filmmakers to provide insight into the audiences response.

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